Productivity Tips for Work from Home Employees

  • 5 months   ago

The current situation of the country due to the COVID-19 epidemic has created panic around the globe. Today, there is no one here who’s not aware of the tough times, most country’s are going through. 

Circumstances in many countries are such that all the countrymen have been asked to lock themselves at their homes. Stringent measures taken to control the coronavirus epidemic have restricted us to move out of our places. 

It seems like a sudden standstill has arrived in all our lives that has changed the direction and way of living of our lives. 

All the people who use to go to their workplace regularly are now asked to work remotely as they cannot step out of their houses. 
Regular sitting at home can make a person lethargic and engrossed in depressing thoughts as an empty mind is always the devil’s house. BBC has also provided valuable tips.
So here are some tips to make sure that you utilize your time at home productively in the best way possible. 
Resource around us can have a greater influence over productivity which we should never undervalue. A worker’s performance largely depends on the setup of his workspace
• Chair – Get a comfortable chair as you need to spend a lot of time there. 
• Lighting – Harsh or dim light can cause eye strain or stress. Natural light is the best kind of light you can have around you. It improves mood and decreases anxiety. 
• It should be a quiet area of your house where you’ll be all ready to set up your work. 
• Your workspace should be far away from your living space. 
• There should be nothing on your desk which is not necessary.
• Install curtains as it helps in eliminating the extra motions linked with opening doors or windows, leading to reduced operator stress and hence increases productivity. 
Working with your colleagues and having a conversation with them makes work more fun which in turn helps to boost up your stamina and results in good productivity. 
So for a short time you can engage yourself with them and spend some time chatting with them and sharing work. 
To keep yourself calm and compose, you need to take a short period of breaks from your work. Within this period of time, you must engage yourself in your indoor hobbies. This will not let you become lazy and keep you awake. You can do cooking, meditation, gaming, singing, playing with kids and flower arrangements.
If you’ve a musical instrument like a digital piano, it’s a great time to improve your playing skills. is a great resource to find your dream piano.

You will feel motivated if you set clear goals. Set goals that you can expect to achieve within a period of time. Set a deadline. This will help you to manage your speed and time and will encourage you to meet your set targets. When you have a sense of purpose at your work, you feel committed to it. It gives you self-satisfaction.

Distractions are hard to avoid but in order to concentrate on your work, you need to do the following:
• Either use “noise cancelling” headphones to avoid people talking or find a quiet place. 
• It's advised to put your phones on the "Do not Disturb” mode during the work hours.
• Set your mind up to avoid distractions.
Exercise improves your brain function and thus increases productivity. It helps to combat stress and improves your performance. It increases your energy capacity. Also, it keeps you alert and focused. It has a positive impact on mood and thus improves your confidence. Exercise keeps you fit both physically and mentally. What best you can do is yoga, low-intensity aerobic exercise, strength training exercise, or walking in your house. 
Coronavirus has brought a sudden drastic change in all of our lives, forcing us to work from home. As of now, we are homebound for a few days, this is the perfect moment when you have all the time to introspect yourself and spend some quality time with your loved ones. The nation is going through a lot of stress and a hard time. So it becomes our duty to support the government in whatever measures they have taken for our safety. It’s better to stay at home than in hospitals.