Pick, Pluck, And Strum: The 4 Important Things You Must Have For Your Guitar

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Sounds are everything you hear from the environment. From the howling of the wind, rustling of the dried leaves, to slamming of the door, sizzling of food in the kitchen, as well as the honking of horns and the whistle of the traffic enforcers in the street are the sounds you can hear everywhere.

When these different sounds are appropriately arranged to create a new single one which is more pleasant to your ears intended to express various emotions and ideas, it’s now called music. You’ll have a collection of organized sounds from different musical instruments to create a new piece of musical art.

One of the musical instruments available in the market today is the guitar which has been known and used by people for many years. The guitar is a stringed musical instrument. When you strum its strings, you’ll hear the euphonious sound it gives. Today, there are a lot of enhancements to help improve your guitar experience, and here are some of them.

Guitar Capos

If you’re playing guitar for a long time either for fun or it’s part of your job, using a capo isn’t new to you. Capo makes your guitar sound better. However, bad capos will ruin the tuning of your guitar as well as its tonality.

Make it sure that you purchase a capo that suits your playing style and the type of guitar you’re using. There's a capo best for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, classical guitars, and other kinds of guitars. Clamp your capo on the guitar’s neck. Adjust it by moving up and down.

Electronic Guitar Tuner

Before you play guitar, you need to check if it’s in the right pitch. To make the task easy, you have to use a guitar tuner. It’ll detect which string in your guitar that isn’t in the right pitch. When you know which one, then you adjust the string until it sounds better.

There’s a tuner for a particular type of guitar. You can’t just buy any tuner in the market. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your time and money. Here are the basics on how to use the guitar tuner. It's a technique to get the right pitch for each string.

As long as you’re not a lefty, you can use this technique. There’s a note for each string from the thickest one to the thinnest. E for the top string, A for the second, D is next, followed by G, B, and E for the bottom string which is the thinnest one.

Phone Holders

If you’re playing guitar for fun or a job, it’ll be a bit difficult for you if you don’t memorize all of the lyrics of the songs as well as chords. You still have to manage to keep control of your music sheets on the table or stand, and flipping each page over adds more hassle to your task.

Phone holders for your guitar will surely help you not to experience these cumbersome situations and avoid any possible mistake that would cause you embarrassment especially if you’re performing on stage. There are a lot of phone holders in the market today with different colors and style. Choose one now that has good quality and is durable.

You can also connect your phone holder with a Bluetooth foot pedal. By using this, you don’t need to stop playing for you to turn the page on your phone’s screen. Just hit the foot pedal on the floor and the screen of your phone will go to the next page. It’s very convenient and user-friendly.

Guitar Amp Devices

People used different amp modeling devices to have different sounds for their guitar before. Today, there are available amp devices to produce various sounds of your choice.

Other amps can produce sounds of various types of guitar like acoustic or classical guitars.

Moreover, amp devices create different guitar effects to enhance the quality of the music, and it’s the most exciting part of today’s guitar technology.


You can’t miss to include the guitar in the list of musical instruments for both music lovers and musicians. It’s the instrument that you can play whenever and wherever you are. A small part of your room is enough for you to pick, pluck, and strum the strings to fill your room with a new set of environment.

Playing guitar is heaven to all guitar lovers. If you’re one of them, get all of the things discussed above to give you more amazing guitar experience. Purchase them now and start hitting your strings.

Source: academyofmusic.ca