Online IAS Coaching: Prepare for the IAS Exam, and also score an edge over the competition

  • 8 months   ago
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Online coaching for IAS not only allow you to prepare for the IAS Exam, but also equip you in a competent manner so that you score an edge over the competition. However, you should not choose an online coaching institution in haste. Remember, you are planning to crack none other than the IAS Exam.

Apart from the huge syllabus that UPSC prescribes for the Civil Services Exam, the competition is hard enough to make you study for every single minute till the last stage, i.e., the Interview is over. Thus, it’s wiser to consider all that is relevant before you finalize the online IAS coaching institution that you would like to opt for.

Tips for choosing the best online IAS coaching institution

Though you have opted for preparing for the IAS Exam online, it by no means implies that you should be compromising with the quality of the coaching provided. However, the truth is that if you opt for the online coaching a little carefully, you would find yourself equipped in a manner to score an edge over the competition.

And that’s what you aim at. You must beat the competition. And that requires that you should score high enough, apart from clearing the IAS Exam, so that UPSC allows you to join IAS. An IAS aspirant should never forget that he needs to be ranked among the highest of the rank holders when UPSC declares the CSE results.

IAS is the most sought after of all the cadres that UPSC offers. Needless to say, you must face the IAS Exam in the most competent manner. And of course, you are required to opt for the online IAS coaching institution in the most careful manner to do so.

Go on reading to find the relevant tips to choose the best online IAS coaching institution for yourself:

  1. Faculty: The faculty teaching online should have a strong hold over the respective subjects that they teach. Besides, the content of their lectures should be such that it covers the entire CSE syllabus prescribed by UPSC. Also, if there have been any changes in the UPSC syllabus for the CSE, or the Exam pattern, the content of the lectures should cater to that as well.

  2. Current Affairs: The faculty teaching online should see to it that none of the relevant developments concerning the Current Affairs are ignored. Besides, the content of the online coaching sessions should co-relate to the coaching sessions with and/or for the Current Affairs in the right perspective.

  3. Study Material: The study material provided by the institution online must cater to all the UPSC syllabus requirements. However, it should be designed in a manner that there should be no diversions and/or exaggerations. A diversion, however interesting it might be, only serves to result in a waste of time. And no candidate preparing for an Exam, specifically an IAS aspirant has any time to waste.

  4. Test Series: The test series provided online by the coaching institution that you opt for must be designed in a highly competent manner. The series should cover the entire UPSC syllabus. And, in case, UPSC produces any changes in the Exam pattern, that too, should be catered to by the online test series.

  5. Query Solving: Though most of the online IAS coaching institutions allow the students to get their queries solved either by e-mails or on phone, it’s in the best of your own interest to ensure if the institution allows to seek the guidance from the faculty in person, if so required.

  6. Mock Interview Sessions: Interview is the last stage of the Civil Services Exam. And your score in the Interview may make a considerable difference in your rank when UPSC declares the Civil Services Exam results. So, it’s advisable to join the online IAS coaching institution that allows the Mock Interview Sessions for its students.

  7. The Videos: Till now, we have been talking about the skilled faculty, study material, test series etc., that the online coaching institution is to maintain for the sake of its students. However, it should be noted that the online coaching sessions provided by the institutions must be updated on the video as and when required.



However, keep in mind that accomplishing a task when it’s related to none other than the IAS Exam itself, is usually easy said than done. So, it would be preferable that you make all the considerations (if there be any, apart from what have been stated above) carefully before you opt for an online IAS coaching institution.

A Word of Caution

Though self study is an exercise that yields great pleasure to many, it’s wiser not to get carried away by the seemingly interesting diversions. Though the online IAS coaching institution would be providing you with the study material online, it’s in your interest to read selectively as per the UPSC syllabus. And also make sure that the study material is as per the syllabus, as already said earlier.