Online Education: The Best Online Colleges & Resources for 2019

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Online Education: The Best Online Colleges & Resources for 2019

As life becomes busier day by day, a number of students prefer opting for an online degree program. There are a plethora of two and three-year online degree programs offered by different universities and colleges. Students have plenty of domains to choose from, such as computer sciences, business administration, nursing, writing, graphic designing, and many more.  

According to a recent survey, approximately 6.3 million students in the US take at least one online course during their academic life. The figure represents a noticeable increase in the trend of online education as well as student enrolment. 

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of colleges offering various online programs.  With the availability of multiple options, finding the best online college that teaches a standard curriculum with the help of the right tools and resources is definitely a daunting task.



To help you find the best online education college, we list some of the best options here after taking accreditation, curriculum, and financial aid into consideration.

Best Online Colleges/ University 2019

Northern Arizona University is one of the largest public institutions based in a college town. With its college town appeal, NAU offers some amazing online courses.  It is included in the finest online colleges mainly because of its numerous online degree programs. 

One of the standout features of NAU for enrolling in an online program is that students have not only access to its schooling but also they have access to library resources, tutoring, and technical support. Not only this, students can access the resources of other campuses of the NAU College. The courses can be attended from anywhere. That means living in the vicinity of Arizona is not a requirement to enroll in the course.

Alabama Online College

 Known best for its athletics, Alabama Online College is affiliated with the University of Alabama. It has a great reputation for educating thousands of students from diverse cultural backgrounds and preparing them for the real world.  

Alabama distance learning courses offer accredited and high-quality education of the same standard they provide on the campus. Moreover, its distance programs give online students and military personnel an opportunity to attend the program at their own freedom and pace. The online programs offer a plethora of options for doctoral degrees, graduate and undergraduate programs via their online school. No matter what degree level assistance you require, Alabama online college can fit your needs. 

Judson College

Another private institution Judson Online College, located in Alabama, is not only famous for its Baptist roots but also for its high-quality education. Although it is an undergraduate college with a limited option of degrees, it is one of the best choices for the students who want to complete their bachelor’s degree in sciences and arts. The online degrees are well-regarded with an unparalleled track record of producing bright students. All the online courses have the same requirements as their undergraduate campus program.

Best Online Education Resources 2019 

Most of the above-mentioned online courses use the following online resources

  • DiscoverEd: A common project source to find educational resources
  • YouTube EDU: Offers specific education-related videos
  • TED:  A  credible resource for inspirational lectures
  • Edublogs: A resource full of educational blogs for teachers and students
  • Google Educator: An online forum to find updated information and educational resources
  • Academic Earth: Free online lectures and full videos for different courses

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are pursuing an online college education, the mentioned options are undeniably the best ones you can go for. Not only do they provide quality education but also online resources to help you achieve your study goals.

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