Myths About Used Car Buying Busted

  • 7 months   ago
Myths About Used Car Buying Busted
Myths About Used Car Buying Busted
Buying a used car is no rocket science and it should not feel like one either. Perceptions over the years has made this seem like such a daunting task when it really is not. There are a few basic things that you must have in place and a trusted expert to guide you through the process and you will be good to go. Car selling experts like CarSwitch are the best people you can reach out to when you are confused about buying used cars in UAE or elsewhere. If you are a seller of used cars they will inspect it for you and facilitate online selling and if you are buyer of used cars then they will handle all the negotiations for you, ensure you get the best deal and help you with all the paperwork also.Buying used cars in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else does not have to be difficult or daunting if you have the right people to help you by your side. 
Now that we have the basics about the best service to reach out to when you want to buy or sell a used let, let us now read below to bust myths about buying used cars, one myth at a time. 
  • You get a better deal if you pay in cash – a lot of people tend to believe this and hence try to make payments in cash. But what they do not understand is that there is some sort of commission that the sales force is losing out on if they are getting paid in cash. Hence, chances are that you are paying more than you should be if you are paying by cash. 
  • There is unlimited warranty with a used car – not all cars come with a warranty and we are juvenile to think that they do. In an ideal world it would be possible but since that is not the case it is best to check with the seller before making your own assumption. Do not think that all parts of the car are falling under the warranty, if at all. Ensure that you get a thorough inspection done of the car so that you are not in for a surprise later on. 
  • The price of the car is same everywhere – cars are priced differently based on location, model, state of the car, age and distance travelled. It is imperative to ask the owner or the seller all these questions about the car to be able to justify the price. Chances are you might actually lose out on a good deal because you think the price you are being quoted is unfair for a car that someone else is selling for a lesser price everywhere. Consider the factors as to why the disparity exists in the price to begin with and then make a decision. 
  • Dressing down will help you get a better deal – people often think that if they dress down or go shabbily dressed then they will get a better deal for the car they want to buy. However, that is definitely far from the truth as the dealership will check your credit score and will ask you details about your yearly income. It is best to avoid such practises because they have been in the business longer than you have and know exactly what they are dealing with. Chances are the opposite of what you had intended will end up happening! 
  • The process is hard and stressful – we have already spoken about this in the beginning but it is important to reiterate this because if you arm yourself with the correct information, stick to your budget and reach out to the right people to help you through the process then there is no reason why you cant get a car that you love, that fits in your budget and is just right for you. The right help can come from anywhere; family, friends or experts like CarSwitch that will guide you through the entire process and ensure that you do not face difficulty at any stage. 
Keeping the above in mind will help you make a wiser decision while buying used cars.