Most Successful Careers for Grads in 2020

  • 5 months   ago

Are you looking for a job this year? Check out a list of top positions prepared by specialists. They represent an agency providing cheap resume writing Working in the sphere of human resources and career planning, they know firsthand about the latest trends in the labour market.


A successful career is a relative concept, as everyone has his/her own understanding of success. It could be a high income, comfortable conditions for work, a friendly team, an opportunity to implement big projects, a high social status, etc. Yet, in most cases, it all boils down to good money. It is evident that a certified UK specialist has a significant income. High-quality services are well paid. And, when it deals with the professional level, one can earn a great deal of money.

This year the following jobs are expected to be successful.


Medical sphere:

  • Psychiatrist

  • Anesthesiologist 

  • Orthodontist 


IT sphere:

  • Project Manager

  • Computer Network Architect

  • Software Developer



  • Petroleum Engineer

  • Construction Manager

  • Mechanical Engineer



  • Research Analyst

  • Business Operations Manager

  • Statistician



  • Marketing Manager

  • Sales Manager


If you have knowledge and skills in one of the above spheres, you can aspire to a high salary. However, success is not always determined by profession. You need to work hard and smart to reach the desired accomplishments. 


1. Go beyond your professional duties


If you want to succeed in your career, do more than your employer asks. You need to work more than 8 hours a day to become an expert. Study inventions, legal changes, trends, and news in your sphere and related areas. A foreign language is also a plus for your promotion. Today, one can find a lot of affordable webinars and articles devoted to professional self-development. 


2. Work on your personal skills


Punctuality and self-discipline will definitely come in handy for a modern specialist. Learn to fight procrastination and laziness, as they can become the greatest enemies of your future accomplishments. 


3. Control your life energy


Professionalism results mainly from hard work. So, you have to find strengths to move forward. Sleep, physical activities, positive emotions will help you with that. Surround yourself with reliable, enthusiastic people. It is good when there is someone near you who inspires and supports under challenging situations. 

On the way to your dream career, you will definitely need a relevant resume. Expert writers from know how to make it.

Resume writing advice for a successful career

The best recommendation for writing a CV or a cover letter is to order professional resume writing services. Today, it is an affordable way to purchase a well-considered document that will bring you the desired job. Yet, if you decide to write it on your own, consider these tips. They are prepared by a competent writer from 


A resume begins the conversation with your future employer. Making the first impression it determines, whether they will, eventually, hire you. Thus, pay maximum attention to this document. 


1. Be concise and humble 


Strive to make a one-page file and do not overdo with the fonts, styles, and the overall design. Focus on your significant accomplishments and do not mention mediocre achievements. Say, knowledge of Excel does not sound good. Do you really proud of it? Pronouns “me” and “my” can be superfluous. It is obvious that this document is about you and your best parts. 


2. Present only relevant information


Save your time and respect recruiters who will read your resume. Write short and to the point. Otherwise, a vague text that does not correspond to the job description can cost you a job.


3. Check your grammar


If you are not good at spelling and punctuation, give your resume to a professional. Find a competent custom editing service. For example, is an excellent variant. You can even buy there a ready-made document written from scratch. 


Remember that you are the only one who determines the success of your career. The modern time offers numerous opportunities for self-development and professional growth regardless of your financial status and education. It deals with expert blogs and online videos, as well as participation in interesting projects and competitions. 

You are also free to use online resume writing services if you cannot cope with a CV or a cover letter on your own. Thus, provides competent writing assistance with personal statements, resumes, and other documents for your successful career.