Military Service Compulsory for Qatari Males Between the Age of 18 and 35 Years

  • 2 years   ago
Military Service Compulsory for Qatari Males Between the Age of 18 and 35 Years

According to Law No.5 of 2018 on national service issued by the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, every Qatari male between the ages of 18 and 35 or having a high school certificate or equivalent, whichever is prior, is required to performed a mandatory military service. No appointment will be allowed for any employments nor any permit will be granted for practicing free profession until this obligatory military service is performed by the candidates. However, it is not applicable to individuals who have completed active service or have been barred or exempted from or whose services are been deferred. 


Qatari males need to present themselves to the National Services Academy within 60 days from the date of attaining the age of 18 or getting the secondary school diploma or its equivalent, whichever is earlier. 

The ministers or their representatives can employ individuals to whom the provisions of this law don't have any significant bearing, given that the age of the selected candidate isn't under 18 years. The time of active service will be one year for people whose age is under 18 or who has acquired a high school diploma or its equivalent, whichever is earlier, and alumni of colleges, universities and higher institutes. 

Students of military colleges, institutes and schools, and the individuals who have finished their studies will be exempted from performing active service. 

This arrangement should likewise apply to the individuals who are as of now selected for the active service. The categories that should be exempted from performing active services are: 

A designee who turns out to be physically unfit for service, a designee who is the family provider from among the offspring of a soldier or reservist who passed on or was released due to illness, injury, disability or handicap because of military services. 

A family provider who is the child of a martyr, a family provider who is the child of a missing individual who is proclaimed dead. 

Active service should be deferred for one renewable year for secondary school students or above, until the completion of their examinations according to the conditions like - student should not be enrolled in night school or is studying by correspondence or affiliation, he should be a regular student, 

The age classifications is - should not exceed 21 years for high school, 25 years for study at pre-college after obtaining a secondary school diploma, 28 years for study in university.

In the event of war or general mobilization or a statement of military law, the deferment of active service might be canceled for a few or the majority of the categories upon a resolution of the Minister or his approved delegate. 

A recruit should likewise be released if proven to be unfit for dynamic administration because of health reasons. 

A recruit whose active services ends while he is a hostage or not active might be considered identical to a reservist who is called up to carry out actual reserve service.