Menassat Tower: The First Green Building in New Capital, Egypt

  • 1 month ago
Menassat Tower
Menassat Tower

In 2009 Pinaccle Company built one of the few twisted towers around the world, this 43 floors tower has awarded the “GSAS” Award (Global Sustainability Assessment System) for being a green construction or a sustainable building. Pinaccle company has repeated this experience by creating Menassat Tower in New Capital Egypt.

Menassat Tower will also be built as a green building, these types of buildings are not just environment friendly, they also save energy, and safer. 

The building also applies multiple operations that matches standards such as on energy, water, internal environment, waste recycling, and facility management. That offers a fully serviced offices within the building that are almost self-sufficient and more efficient.

Pinaccle is concerned about these types of buildings and that’s why they were interested on repeating the same experience within the New Administrative Capital on Egypt, one of the most cities that grabbed the attention of the Real Estate Investors on the World generally, and the Real Estate Investors on the Arab World specifically.

Menassat Tower New Capital is in the financial and business district, and it overlooks the northern Bin Zayed Axis, and the Green River and many other distinctive views, it is also located near the famous landmarks of the New Administrative Capital.

The Buildings of Menassat is using power saving technology and working on clean energy as it’s using solar system, it’s also using a state-of-the-art technology in its garage that is called “Smart Mechanical Parking System” this system has a different strategy that merges the human innovation with the high-end technology to reduce the efforts and the resources that are required to park cars as possible, which causes less time and space to park, also less fuel.

The Idea of Menassat project or mostly the Idea of the future of structures and buildings that will lead the Real Estate industry into a whole technological constructions era.

The project owners were concerned about providing these high-end technological building’s units with reasonable prices, these prices were divided into multiple and different payment systems, to facilitate owning a unit there, and there prices are as follows:

  • The price per meter starts from 12,500 EGP for the administrative units and medical units when paying in cash.

  • The meter’s price in shops and commercial units starts from 45,000 EGP per cash.

  • The price of the meter in clinics and offices in Menassat Tower starts from 25,000 EGP upon installment.

  • The price of a meter for commercial units starts from 90,000 EGP when paying in installments.

  • For a limited time, there is an additional 10% discount on the total amount of the unit’s price for all payment methods, and a special huge 40% discount for cash payment.

  • There is a maintenance deposit, which is 8% extra amount paid.

Reservation of a unit in Menassat Tower will guarantee, one of the most cities that grabbed the attention of the Real Estate Investors on the World generally, and the Real Estate Investors on the Arab World specifically. you a distinctive and advanced facilities & services that you will not find in other administrative tower in the new admicapitrative capital or even in Egypt generally, as the company has been keen to provide them to achieve a technological progress and exclusiveness and safety for customers at the same time, here are some of what is introduced by the towers:

  • The tower is distinguished by being the first Smart Technological Building with artificial intelligence technology in the New Administrative Capital.

  • It towers are considered the first energy-saving building with Power Saving Technology in the Administrative Capital, which is totally powered by solar energy.

  • In addition to that, the tower is equipped with the first huge garage for Smart Mechanical Parking System in the New Administrative Capital.

  • Security and safety system with a 24-hour monitoring system.

  • At Menassat New Capital have panoramic elevators and escalators.

  • Firefighting system to ensure the safety of the project units.

  • Buying a unit in the Tower provides the investor with a great landscapes and views over the green river.

  • In Menassat tower there is a health club and spa with very modern equipment.

  • A large variety of restaurants, international and local cafes to suit all tastes and requirements.

In general, Menessat tower is considered a leap in the Real Estate Market and it’s believed that it’s going to create a real change on the industry.

Source: pexels