LinkedSelling Review

  • 8 months   ago
LinkedSelling Review

Customers are the wheel that keeps your business moving forward. Without enough of them, the business will not work out. Therefore, to see it growing and giving you a favorable profit, you must use the proper lead generation techniques. However, this isn’t an easy task. 

Fortunately, that is where LinkedSelling comes in to help. If you haven’t heard of it before, we are going to tell you in this review. Keep reading.

What is LinkedSelling?

LinkedSelling is simply a lead generation and B2B company founded by Josh Turner. The company has a qualified and dedicated team of professionals. It’s committed to helping its members constantly generate excellent leads in a pocket-friendly way. 

Additionally, this company is helping businesses be more diligently ahead and associated with high-prospects contacts. They will also help to change cold prospects to warm leads through building a significant connection with them. That will boost sales.

Features of LinkedSelling

LinkedSelling offers businesses the following important services:

Training Programs

LinkedSelling has come up with a world-class and unique training program for both individuals and businesses. This program helps with useful, updated and accurate lead generation techniques and principles for your business. The program is administered under 2 platforms, namely The LinkedSelling Platinum Community and Linked University.   

LinkedIn Ads management

LinkedSelling has 15+ years of experience doing successful social media campaigns. This is what you can expect them to do when it comes to Ads management (S.C.A.L.E):

Success metrics & planning: They set relevant and achievable campaign objectives and with a perfect plan for achieving them. 

Control: Controlling the whole lead generation execution making sure that they satisfy your monthly leads’ objectives.

Audience and Qualification: LinkedSelling doesn’t just get you leads. They get high-prospects leads that have a high probability of turning into buying customers.

Lead Collection & Appointment: They supply you with quality prospects and keep you busy. 

Everyday Optimization: They constantly review your campaigns lowering your lead scale as well as costs. 

Automation tools

LinkedSelling’s Connect365 automation program helps you conveniently send personalized and customized emails and entirely automate the email following-up process. 

LinkedIn campaign management

Using email and LinkedIn, LinkedSelling installs a process that helps find quality leads for the success of your business. LinkedSelling builds meaningful and enduring relationships with your potential customers nurturing them until they convert into paying customers. They do these using high-end principles of human relations.

Additionally, their experiences and practices are very crucial to you. They help your company build and establish an authority in your particular niche. These processes ascertain that your business is receiving between 10 to 15 quality prospects that you can closely work with. Lastly, they also take up do most of the lead generation work. That way, you can concentrate on your business operations.

LinkedSelling Pricing

The LinkedSelling course only asks for $1997 to start. During the training, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a committed coach and lifetime access. Moreover, you can take part in their referral program (become an affiliate) and earn up to 30% commission. 


If you’re looking for a solution to perfect leads generation to boost your profit margin, LinkedSelling is what you need. With LinkedSelling, you’ll concentrate on your business building. In the meanwhile, you'll get new and high-prospects leads every month. You can then nurture them to buying customers and go on building a significant and enduring connection with them.