Knowing What’s Real: 5 Essential Tips On How To Identify Gold

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Buying gold or items that are made from gold can be very easy, but identifying it if it’s real or not is the tricky part. Some people like to wear accessories that has gold in it to complement what they’re wearing.

Jewelry that is made out of gold is one of the everyday things we wear to look presentable. Other people can fabricate gold accessories, that’s why we should know what the essential information to do to avoid such an incident. You should always be cautious when buying accessories that are made out of gold to prevent problems that might occur in the future.

Here are five essential tips on how to identify fake gold.

Be Observant

Being observant can be helpful. With just a single look, you can identify if the gold is real or not. Real gold shouldn't’ be shiny, and it should be soft yellow. You could also go to a jewelry store or pawnshops to ask for advice from experts.

Try Biting It

Biting gold has been a tradition for many years now. Biting gold is also one of the ways on how to identify if it’s real or not. If there are any bite marks, then the gold item is authentic. Gold is a mineral that is soft and can easily be bent. Gold is malleable that’s why it’s bendable.

You could also try using pins or other sharp objects to check if it’s real or not just by sticking the item in it. If the thing breaks, then the said gold is fake, because gold is malleable and soft. Always check first before buying or the seller might get all the benefits.

Using Magnet

Testing the legibility of a gold using magnet has been a practice for some year now. If you want to know if a specific item is made out of pure gold, you can try using a magnet. If the thing gets magnetize, then the said accessory is not pure gold, or it’s a fake. Pure gold shouldn't’ stick to a magnet when being tested.



Nitric Acid Testing

Another way how to identify if the gold is real by using nitric acid. If you want to check if it’s real or not, you could try using sharp objects such as nail file to make a little scratch on the said gold. Once you made a tiny scratch, use a dropper to put some nitric acid on the spot where it was scratched.  If there is any reaction, then the item is not made of gold.

Real gold shouldn't have any reaction with nitric acid. If you see a greenish color in the area where you dropped the nitric acid, then the gold item is fake. Some gold pieces are combined with other minerals that’s why you’ll see a reaction. But if your thing is pure gold and it got a reaction from the acid, you better call the seller of the said item.

Asking Assistance From An Expert

A better way to identify if the item you have is real gold is by asking opinions or advice from experts. They will tell you right away if it’s fake or not. They have their testing kit to know if a particular gold item is real or not. There may be a charge for gold testing, but most pawn shops don’t charge that much.

If you’re planning to sell the gold after it’s tested, better go to different pawn shops or jewelry store to compare the prices they offer. Never be afraid to ask for any assistance when it comes to the quality of your gold item. Better to be sure than to risk any unnecessary expenses.


Being aware when it comes to identifying a particular item is made out of pure gold is essential. Some sellers are quite smart when it comes to selling fake gold. You can always ask experts, or you can search for websites such as or other reliable sources for more information about the matter.