Jobs That Anyone Can Do Remotely

  • 2 months   ago

Many job seekers today are considering remote work. If you think that working from the office is still a breeze, research shows the exact opposite. New research by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics indicates that flexible working is now a top choice for many job seekers. About 74 percent of interviewers in an annual survey believe that remote working is the next big thing. Furthermore, the COVID-19 outbreak has made work from home a great success as many companies have already transitioned from working in offices to remote work.

So far, it is evident that working from home has become the new normal. If you're looking for profitable remote job opportunities, check out these positions.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

With rapid technological advancements, many companies are moving to online transactions. The transition has increased the demand for virtual assistants. Many companies hire VAs to help them organize business operations and complete administrative responsibilities. Typically virtual assistants are independent contractors who work from remote offices or homes to support clients across many industries. As a VA, you will be providing creative, technical, and administrative services to clients.

Customer Service Jobs

Digital organizations and online retailers hire people to support and manage customers' requests. These jobs often require minimal qualifications and can be done by anyone. Most of these jobs can be performed via the internet or phone. To succeed in this area, you only need communication skills and some background in marketing and customer service.

Product Manager

Online companies often look for product managers to help grow their businesses. This job requires extensive experience, managerial skills, and an understanding of the latest technology and industry trends. This position involves finding business solutions, identifying customer needs, and promoting products and services. Check out this website for other related job opportunities that offer more flexibility than traditional jobs.

Software Developer

If you have a background in software or science engineering, you might consider becoming a software developer. Many mobile and electronic companies hire software developers to design and troubleshoot system applications. With the skills on your fingertips and appropriate design software, you can do the job from your location's convenience as long as you can access the internet.

Social Media Manager

Almost all businesses use social media as a marketing tool to reach customers and prospects. But with so many business responsibilities on their table, it becomes hard for them to keep an eye on social platforms. For this reason, they hire individuals to help manage their social accounts. While some big corporations employ internal managers, some rely on remote professionals. No wonder many people today are seriously growing their brands online to attract such companies. As a social media manager, you will help companies expand their reach and following.

Translation Jobs

The online translation community is large and growing. You can earn a lot with your language skills. So if you're proficient in different languages (bilingual), you can work remotely as a translator. Most translators work on a freelance basis. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that most translators work from home. You can get these jobs in translating companies, magazines, and other media entities. The job entails translating articles, books, news stories, and web pages. Although some translation jobs need a bachelor's degree, the most vital requirement is fluency in your language of specialization.

Web Developer and Graphic Designer Job

Working as a web developer or graphic designer is one of the lucrative online jobs. While general education is essential for this position, many employers often consider your services rather than your credentials. They are concerned with your portfolio, how well you organize your creative projects and what you can do to their business. Both jobs can be done comfortably from the convenience of your location, either as a freelancer or a full-time employer.

As many companies are transitioning to online business, an online presence is essential. This means that they need to create a website for their customers to find them online. So if you market yourself diligently, you're likely to access multiple opportunities.





Remote work is lucrative. It's not only profitable but allows you to choose your working environment. However, finding work-from-home work opportunities can be daunting if you don't know where to find them. The availability of scam companies makes the experience a nightmare. But the good news is that many legit companies are offering these opportunities. All you need is to do your research right and ask for references.