Job Search Tips: How to Give your CV ‘The ‘WOW Factor?’

  • 2 weeks   ago

The world today is facing a massive wave of unemployment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Finding a job right now is hard, but not impossible — if you know the tactics to stand out in a competitive job market.


How to escape the rat race of unread résumés and unanswered applications? Read on to discover.


Hacking the Job Search


With limited options available, bagging the kind of job you need these uncertain times is a yeoman’s task. The best way to lure potential employers is to make your presence felt. 


Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume is your advertising platform. It has to tell the hiring manager why you are a good choice. No recruiter is interested in reading boring job descriptions.


Do not treat your CV as an email or a piece of paper stating your career record. Uploading a generic CV does not guarantee you to land the job.


With a winning resume, your chances of getting the job are high. If it has ‘The WOW Factor’ (the single determining factor) in acing the hiring process, you’ll be in the short list of candidates for the position.


Grabbing a Recruiter’s Attention


Are you interested in knowing what potential employers are looking for in a resume? If you haven't updated your CV in the last few years, you might be surprised to learn what companies are requesting in today's recruitment process.


You need a profile that has a competitive advantage, so the person reading it will find it suitable to what the company is looking for. Want to know how? Click the photo below for your guide to writing an effective resume.




Mastering the Art of Writing a CV


Starting your resume with an ‘Objective Statement,’ showing the type of position you were seeking along with your career goals, may already seem old fashioned.


Nowadays, the "employer-driven" resumes are designed to grab the attention of recruitment managers by highlighting "what you can do for the company."


Whether you want to change your position or occupation, how you will rewrite your resume to target your newly desired job does not have to be a backbreaking work.


Resumes Planet is an excellent source for finding information and advice about drafting your CV. 


Resume writing process is considerably easier with the help of this website. When you are considering a career change, this portal can guide you on how to supercharge your CV.


If you were fired, should you include that job on your resume? If you dropped out of college and became unemployed for two years should that be mentioned? If you started a business and failed should that go on your resume?



If you are confused on what exactly to write in your CV, Resumes Planet can guide you from scratch to getting that “You’re hired” tap on your shoulder!

So, before you take the big leap, consider checking this guide now and land that dream job!