Intelligynce Review

  • 11 months   ago

Are you searching for profitable and hot products for better sales conversion and increased ROI? Well, looking for products that are selling well on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and other marketplaces can be difficult and time-consuming. However, with Intelligynce, the process is easy and first.  

What’s Intelligynce?

Intelligynce is a Shopify-Stores Spy or product-research tool that allows you to quickly and comfortably research different niche products. The software exposes you to over 2.5M products through 500K+ Shopify, eBay, and Amazon stores. Also, it eases the process of finding a profitable and in-demand product more comfortable for you.  

Intelligynce Key Features

Shopify Products

Type a keyword for any item and Intelligynce searches through Shopify stores for products related to the keyword. In other words, a single keyword search will likely give you countless pages of products. 

Shopify Stores

The function is nearly similar to the product search feature. The only difference is that here you search for stores instead of particular products. 

With this feature, you’ll discover competing stores and research the products they are selling then improve your business.   

eBay, Amazon, Bookmarks

Apart from Shopify stores, Intelligynce also lets you research products on eBay and Amazon marketplaces. The search feature is also as extensive as those utilized for Shopify stores. But the function is suitable for researching things such as price comparisons on various online businesses. 

Google Chrome Extension

This app helps you to quickly and easily research every Shopify store that you may be browsing on Chrome.  With a single click on this extension, you get detailed info about a particular store.

Hot Products

This feature is available on the search function, and it helps you to understand the hot product-research process thoroughly. It provides a list of winning and selling products which you can easily select for your store. This feature is suitable for newbies to the e-commerce market. 

Ali Inspector

Ali Inspector is a cloud-based software tool for AliExpress. It’s the main feature for Intelligynce for product research with similar characteristics to the Shopify search feature. It helps you in analyzing bestselling commodities for various keywords. With this feature, you can apply different filters, including price range, categories, markups, shipping info, etc.

Store Inspector

Utilize this feature and access instantly all sorts of info for a specific product your find. The feature provides you with crucial details about every store. The details are such as Shopify theme, its last update, its daily sales, etc.

Intelligynce Pricing

There are various pricing options for Intelligynce. These include monthly, annually, and one-off payment options. You’re guaranteed all the Intelligynce features regardless of the payment plan you choose. However, some plans can offer better money value than others. Let’s have a look. 

Monthly Plan

Here, you’ll pay $29 per month. This is a good value for money though you’ll be renewing it every month provided you’re using the software. However, it’s a fantastic deal all the same, particularly if you don’t plan to use the software so often. 

Annual Plan

The annual plan will cost you $99 only. This plan suits you well if you plan to use Intelligynce, but you’re not sure for how long. All the features are guaranteed. 

Lifetime Plan

This is probably the best money value for every e-commerce owner. The one-off payment option allows you to pay a one-time payment of $149 and use the software for a lifetime. For business owners looking to do extensive product research without paying for the software often, this is the best deal.  

Final Thought

Intelligynce is an excellent software package that will help you save a lot of hours of your product research process. It comes with an easy-to-use interface. So, it won’t give you a headache even if you haven’t utilized any other product research tool before. Additionally, you get access to all the above features. Surely, the features will help you get hot and winning products for your online store. You’ll not only spy on Shopify but also Amazon, eBay, and other popular marketplaces. 

Intelligynce is a good fit for both beginners and seasoned e-commerce owners. Furthermore, price options are great. You can choose from monthly, annually, or the one-time plan, and you’ll be ready to get started!