Impacts of clean water on your health

  • 8 months   ago
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Health is wealth, but this wealth would not be obtained with constant neglection. Your eating habits and routines are directly effecting. healthy drinking habits are also very important.

Many countries are scarce in water. You can not deny the importance of healthy water. You need to install different filters and septic systems, even at your home. If you are a pro activist then you must address this issue on a number of forums.

In developing countries it is a serious issue where people are not very educated. WHO is trying to cope with such conditions but with poor solid waste management it is worsening day by day.

we all know that more than 60 percent of our body is made up of water with different chemicals and elements. The impact of healthy water would be manifolds. Similarly, polluted and contaminated water can also destroy our health quite rapidly. ‘the changes in our health because of polluted water are imperceptible. You will not notice them at once usually.

In fact they would take time. There a number of ways for getting water but the most reliable one is the underground water. With the passage of time industries have damage the quality of water. Even underground water is not clan now as it was before. filteration plants and other cleaning methods have helped a lot. Still many people are deprived of the basic life facility.

Universally, no one has agreed on a single and fixed amount of water regarding daily intake. Which means that drinking as much water as you can is important. This fact can pinch you a bit as you might have hear d about drinking two liters a day.

In this article I will be explaining some facts and benefits of clean water drinking habits. You might have known some of them while some are a surprise for me even. You will be able understand the significance of water for your life specially ladies. Women are always conscious about their beauty and water is the ultimate gem. You can solve a number of your health and beauty issues just by drinking plenty of clean and full of minerals water.

  • Weight loss

If you want to lose weight try to drink as much water as you can along with proper sleep routine. This will burn the extra body fat. It might sound very ridiculous but trust me it is a slow and easy process. you can not expect it to happen within days. It is essential if you want to improve your body weight or to maintain it at a level.

  • Glowing skin

Drinking plenty of water will make your skin glowing and shiny. The water content would help the body fluids in working and effecting your outer appearance. You would not feel tried. Infact you will be energized because the flow of body fluids would be increased.

  • Lubrication of joints

At every joint we have got cartilages which are soft bones. They work in a slimy and moisturized environment if our body will not get enough water the joints will not work properly. Ultimately they will become stiff and rigid. The movement would be difficult.

  • Formation of saliva

Saliva is for digesting food. If your body will not be able to make enough saliva the food in your mouth will not be digested properly. The more hydrated you are the more salvia production there will be ultimately effecting the digestion.

  • Delivering oxygen

Your body requires ATP. These are produced with oxygen if any body part has not got enough oxygen then there would be no working and it will be a dead muscle. This can cause severe trauma. Water help the blood to circulate in each part of body. Blood carries oxygen with it. ultimately all these processes effects the oxygen supply in our bodies.

  • Regulating body temperatures

Drinking a lot of water in summers is recommended by have you ever wondered why do they did it? is it because the heat system. whenever there is less water in our body our body stops making urine and sweat. Ultimately there is no natural cooling process happening for normalizing our body temperature.

This heat strain effects our tolerance for heat resistance, ultimately we feel warm even in a low temperature or in room temperatures.

  • Empowering kidneys

Your kidney can not function if there is not enough water. After all they are designed to clean water. Kidneys are natural filters. They will not flush out wastes if there will be less water available to them.

  • Helping digestive systems

Our digestive system works on movement. In our digestive tract movement of bowls and food is jot possible without moisture. Water is the moisture provider. Not having enough water can destroy the entire digestive system which will ultimately effect the nervous system of the patient.

  • Proper breathing

Our airways require mucus for secured and air flows if the nervous system will not detect enough mucus, which is a sort of moisture then it will automatically block the air ways.

  • Cushions skeleton

The skeleton,, the rib cage and specially the cranium bones including the spinal cord, our back bone has got discs, which are made up of soft bones. These soft bones requires a lot of water for functioning without any kind of problems.



Water intake effects every single portion of our body every system either it is nervous or immune system is directly linked with others. You can not move around after skipping the most crucial part of your diet.

Clean water is pivotal for your health and well being. Otherwise diseases like cholera and typhoid can attack you. In developing country the only reason for epidemics is water sanitation system.

You ought to process your drinking water before intaking. If you are unable to find any water cleaning source at least boil it. if you are really sincere to yourself then never ever compromise on the quantity and the quality of the water. In case you are living in a developing country, then stand up and speak up, you have got the right to get safe and clean water at least for daily purposes.