If you are accepting a job offer in Qatar

  • 11 months   ago
If you are accepting a job offer in Qatar

Every country have their rules and regulations for employment, same way Qatar employment rights and obligations may be different for expats from their home nation. 

Here we have mentioned a few points about Qatar’s work culture to make you aware to the new work environment condition and culture.  

1.) Ensure you understand the employment contract:- Read the employment contract fully and make sure that the below things are plainly expressed in the agreement: 

a.  Employer name, work place, and work type.

b.  Evidence of identification including full name, correct qualifications, nationality, residence, and profession.

c.  Beginning and ending dates of agreement (contract period)

d.  Salary and salary release schedule. 

2. ) Your employer accepts accountability for your visa costs:- Make sure this clause is mentioned in the contract. You may likewise ask for an extra provision enabling you to switch sponsors later if you wish.

3. Know about overtime rates and times:- Under the Qatar Labor Law overtime can't be more than 10 hours unless it is to keep away a dangerous mishap. Pay for this is more than your basic wage by at least 25%. 

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