How To Style Pearl Necklaces For That Special Occasion

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Pearl jewelry is royal and super exotic. It has been the identity of the people with sleek taste in jewelry. Styling the look with pearls is something easy to do like the material itself does not need many adornments. Pearls are classy and modish too and can easily be added to any jewelry type as accents. A necklace is one such jewelry item that can give any kind of dress a tasteful face-lift. And when you choose the pearl necklace for dressing up, the process becomes all the way easier.

Pearl embellished earrings are earning easy way of dressing up in no time. These perk up your looks and add glittering gleam to your face. When you are done patching up the skin, you must consider using pearly earrings.

So, presenting here are a few stylish ways we can use pearl necklace for dressing up for special occasions:

  • Choker pearl necklaces and sweetheart neckline

Pearl necklaces look best when you dress up in feminine dresses. But, these need not be bust length always. The choker necklace of pearls snuggling close to neck adds lot an of oomph to the look. This style of necklace looks much better when your neck is slender and long. Accentuating this feature of your body comes easy with a pearl choker necklace. Also, the deep neck dress with sweetheart neckline looks great with this type of necklace.

  • Necklace of pearl and a ring:

It is a common practice to have earrings, necklace, ring, and bracelet carved in the same design. But, this practice can be a style faux pas too. Especially in case of pearl jewelry, too many of elements can overstuff the whole look. So, take the necklace and team it up with a cocktail ring. Formal dressing can be made tasteful with this combination and it does not go overboard too.

  • Pearl bracelet and single strand beaded necklace:

Pearls and formal occasions are synonymous to each other. A single strand of pearl beads with a brooch in the middle is a classy way of adorning the neck. And with a pearl strand on the wrist, your look becomes more complete and feminine and gives you reliable go-to when you need dressing up in no time.

The urban look can become more meaningful yet classy if the chain or necklace features a leaf-like pendant. The fig leaf design is easy to ornate in detail and provides scope for using pearls too. This pendant is light in weight, just like a leaf yet offers a strong statement-making urban fashion staple.

So, try these styling options having pearl necklaces as an element and give your look the royal taste that comes naturally with pearl jewelry.

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