How to Select a Quality Formwork Hire?

  • 1 month ago

As there is much discussion around future trends in the construction industry, Australia continues to enjoy unprecedented levels of development and construction in the largest centres. With this growth, comes increasing demand of modular formwork. It is easy to see why modular formwork provides speed of construction, labour savings and flexibility. Cassaform continues to secure formwork projects, in the commercial and residential market, and the modular formwork products are becoming increasingly sought after. So what should you see in a modular formwork hire and in formwork products generally. 

Safety And Quality 

It goes without saying that quality and safety are of utmost importance with any type of formwork. Make sure the supplier and their products need the necessary standards set by standards Australia. There are no companies to invest in this level of maintenance software hire equipment. Repeat business orders from many of the customers demonstrate the quality of the product and excellence of the service. 

Value For Money 

Quality formwork systems do not have to cost the earth. In building and designing formwork, you should aim for maximum economy. Formwork is only temporary and does not form part of the final structure. Clever design can contribute greatly to the overall cost. Formwork is also well priced. They are reusable, durable and quick to erect, which means enhanced productivity and reduced expense. Removing the need for the customers to cut down their conventional formwork to size, also means less wastage, which is good for the project's bottom line and the environment. 


Search for someone with proven formwork experience across a variety of sectors. Some companies have been providing scaffolding and formwork to the Australian construction industry for many years. They are known for their commitment to service, excellence and have the backing and support of the international parent company, operates locally and respond quickly, with flexibility. 

Ease of Assembly 

Formwork systems should be quick and easy to erect and dismantle. The company allows for quick recycling of panels and beams and features a quick release drophead system for fast-tracking. The vertical formwork products have less components than traditional economy form panels, saving time and effort on shutter assembly.


Make sure the formwork supplier has sufficient capacity and product. That is enough formwork product, adequate manpower and the technical expertise to do the job well. A company should ensure the timely supply and the distribution of the products and services. 

Wall Formwork 

Whatever you need to form, from basements to tanks, Bridge piers to high rise commercial or apartment blocks, formwork companies can offer the ideal wall formwork solution for any challenge. From large areas to curved walls, if you require to use a crane or work crane independently, they can match your needs and requirements to their systems and help you develop the safe and efficient solution for the concrete forming program. 

The Right System 

The range of systemised manhandled, crane handled and truly circular panel solutions include are available for rental or sale. 

Engineering, Backup and support on your project 

Speak to the experts to help you plan the wall formwork project from beginning to the end including all design work if required. 




Take advantage of the knowledge of the professionals, their experience and their service for your construction project.