How To Protect Yourself From Assault

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There are a lot of people who have been assaulted but they choose not to speak up about the experience. They have different reasons for this. Some people would like to talk about it but other people have stopped them from speaking up. Others are too scared to speak up because they are constantly being threatened by other people. There are various situations that people go through every day but assault is not one of them.

You need to know how to protect yourself from getting assaulted. This is not going to be easy but as long as you know your rights and you have some self defense weapons available, you will have a better chance of protecting yourself.

It is usually women who are assaulted. Whenever they get assaulted, they will be told that it is because of the following reasons:

  • They are wearing skimpy clothes
  • They drink too much
  • They love to party



These reasons are not valid to assault anyone. If in case you find yourself walking alone late at night, you need to know different tips on how you can protect yourself from assault.

  1. Avoid walking alone especially when it is already late: There are a lot of sexual assailants who will not take a chance with a group of girls. They would rather get someone who is alone. You can partner with someone who is going on the same direction as you. It will help you both stay protected. Do remember that a lot of the sexual assaults that occur are from people that the victim knows. Even if you meet someone that you know on the road, it is a bit weird why they are walking late at night too, right? You can have a defense stick ready just in case.
  1. Tell people where you are going: You have heard about missing persons all the time. These are people who just never came home and they were never found again. It is ideal that you always tell someone where you are going. Even if you are just going to the mall, it will help people know where to start looking if in case something happens to you.
  1. Always watch your drink: You may be at a party and you are having a lot of fun. Make sure that the drink is always in your hands. If you leave it alone, even for a short while, someone may add something to it that will make you powerless. If you forget your drink somewhere, do not drink it anymore. You can always ditch it and purchase a new one. Make sure that the bartender does not add anything to it that you would not want.
  1. Walk along lighted areas: Let us say that you cannot avoid walking alone at night. Look for lighted areas wherein you can walk. It is better if there are spy cameras that are available there too. It can deter possible assailants from approaching you.

No one deserves to be a victim of sexual assault. If you are, then you are required to speak up.

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