How To Plan A Vintage Wedding

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Vintage theme is the one in which every item including the dresses are of an old style and by old we mean the early 60s. The vintage theme parties include the decorations of antiques and if you can’t find antiques you can have the decorative items that look like antiques and not only that when it comes to dressing you also have to dress in vintage clothing or something that looks like the vintage clothes. Vintage themed parties look very amazing and give you such a nostalgic feeling and you feel like you are a Victorian era which you usually have seen only in the movies and heard your grandparents talk about. Just like all the other events wedding can be vintage themed too and you can follow all the traditions from back that era and can dress up like them. Vintage themed weddings are the most elegant and if you are into vintage theme then you must definitely make your wedding vintage theme.

Here is how you can plan a vintage theme wedding

Venue and Decor

Wherever you are holding a wedding make sure it is in some type of ballroom including the reception party there too and as far as the décor is concerned you can ask for something Gatsby inspired or if not exactly that then you have to make sure that all the decorative items are antique like with a grand chandelier and old furniture with antique candle stands with burning candles that can give a vintage theme to your wedding. Lights should be such that it gives a gold halo to your ballroom.


Now when the dresses are concerned you can save money and have your mother or grandmother’s bridal dress or you can have made a new one just like that. Full-length gowns will look very beautiful for you as well the bridesmaids and for the flower girl dresses you can have beige or white flower girl dresses and should make sure they look vintage.

Live music

Ditch the DJ or any other music system instead have a band play at your wedding and since the wedding theme is vintage you can have them play the old music and can have a grand dance in that beautiful ballroom.


As far as the bouquet is concerned to ask your florist for a bouquet that can be appropriate for vintage theme wedding like loosely held together bouquet consisting of wildflowers, craspedia billy balls etc. so it can look like you just picked the flowers and arranged them yourself.

Groom attire

Coming towards the groom attire make sure he wears a tux and not only that a boutonniere attached to his tux that looks vintage will add even better touch to the theme.

Food and Drinks

For drinks, you must definitely have the wine and for food, nothing modern instead have made something from French or English cuisine.

SO this is how you can plan a vintage theme wedding and it is not even difficult at all.

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