How to Manage Employees While They Work from Home

  • 1 month ago

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic situation, many companies worldwide have shifted their work and businesses online through various platforms. Being new to this whole online system, most companies and their employees have faced various hindrances and difficulties as this alternative is not as smooth as working at offices in person. To cater to this problem and help you manage your work efficiently, we have some tips for you.

How Do Daily Scheduled Check-ins Help?

It is important to establish a daily call with your remote employees to examine their progress and efficiency. There are numerous ways to do this. You can schedule one-on-one calls if your employees are working more independently, or even a team call, if their tasks are highly collaborative. The key point to be noted is that you make regular calls. You must establish a forum in which employees know that they can reach out to you and consult with you; and that you are there to address their queries and concerns. 

A great employee tracking software is another platform which allows you to monitor your worker’s progress and activities. It is an important tool for company owners and managers during this online work system as they can easily verify if employees are using their allotted time at work to accomplish the assigned tasks and responsibilities.

Why Provide Your Team with Versatile Communication Options?  

Communication and coordination are the keys to success. E-mail alone is not enough; it is better to have video conferencing and visual presentations as they allow greater exposure to the employees and gives them a chance to interact with one other. Video conferencing has numerous advantages. Visual cues mean increased “mutual knowledge” about coworkers. Moreover, it also helps reduce the sense of isolation among team member. Video is more useful for complex or detailed conversation as it develops a greater level of understanding than audio or written communication.

You consider which type of communication tool best fits your team’s requirement, whether its an e-mail, texts messages, phone and video calls or an intranet channel. If you find that delicate balance in connection, you will be able to establish a smoother work environment.

Why Is Advocating Accountability Important?

It’s important to remind your team and coworkers about your work ethic and work demand. Be understanding and considerate towards your employees, but you must continue maintaining a professional relationship strictly, so your employees know that working remotely does not mean going under the radar. 

One-to-one meetings must be held between managers and coworkers- so that direct work reports are taken to ensure that all your company’s goals are met or if any issues need to be addressed. There should be no sort of compromise when it comes to your work’s progress. This will not only ensure all members are on track but will also keep them actively engaged. 

The aforementioned ways are some simple yet efficient ways to make sure your team and coworkers are on the same wavelength. In this way, you can organize and manage your company via online platforms and technology during this pandemic. These few inexpensive and employee-friendly measures can ensure not only a healthy pace of work but also the ease of your employees.