How To Get Real Likes For Instagram

  • 1 year ago
Instagram is one of the world most used social media networking app and becoming more and more popular on the Internet. It is modern world social media communication app that connects peoples to their friends and family and with their followers. 
Instagram is one of a best and simple way to share the world's moments and watch moments from all over the world. Stay Connected with your friends and family and see what they are doing and also discover and meet with new peoples. Follow peoples those are sharing things that you love. Instagram is providing an amazing platform with great features to stay connected with your followers and also discover new content from peoples you follow. 
When it comes to engagements then Instagram is ranked on #1 social media app with the highest engagement rate. In this modern and digital world, everyone wants to become more famous on social media. In this article, I will share with you how to become Instagram famous and get more real Instagram Likes on your posts. 
Likes For Instagram:
Here is a complete step by step guide how to get maximum likes for your Instagram posts and engage your followers. 
Use Hashtags Wisely:
Using the relevant hashtags is best for getting more and more likes on your Instagram posts. As we all know that there is a limit of using 30 hashtags per post. But make sure that you are using hashtags which is related to your post. Your hashtags should be unique. But 8 to 10 hashtags are enough for one post. Don't use the same hashtags in every post. Make sure to keep your uniqueness in every post to get more Instagram likes on your Instagram posts and get more engagements. 
Post Attractive Captions:
A beautiful and attractive caption will ultimately attract the people which will ultimately become your followers and press the heart button. So there is a chance to get more likes by posting attractive captions. You can also post a story with the caption. This will develop an interest in the followers. Also, there is no limit to adding a story. You can use unlimited words. Asking questions with captions is also the best way to attract followers. The followers will press the heart button and likes will increase ultimately. Sometimes adding a little humor with the caption will help you get the followers right on your profile.
Instagram Live:
Now Instagram has launched its live streaming just like facebook. Going live also bring interest to the people which will then become your customers. You can also launch a Question Answer Session in which your followers get a chance to ask questions about your product, business, and brand. You can also launch a Quiz session in which you ask a number of Questions to your followers and the winner will get a prize or a gift hamper. By this, more and more people are interested in your product.
Use Instagram Stories:
By using Instagram stories will increase your follower count. Stories are a great way to develop interest among people. You can post live updates on Instagram in the form of stories which can last up to 24 hours. You can update new promotions and discounts in your story.
Post at High Traffic Time:
Posting at the right traffic time means to upload a post when a maximum number of your followers are on Instagram. This will increase the probability that most of the people will saw your posts. Also, your followers will share your posts with other friends and followers thus increasing the number of likes on Instagram.
Post User Generated Content:
There are some users on Instagram who post something related to your brand. Giving likes to that users indirectly you are giving credit to that user. So the number of followers will increase when you repost the posts of your followers regarding your brand. So post user-generated content because that can help you to increase your likes.
Post Quotes:
Posting quotes are a great way to maximize your likes. If you post quotes which are related to your followers will grab the attention of your followers and thus the number of likes will increase. Quotes are often posted on a clear background, they will get the attention of the people more likely. Posts are mostly attention seeking and easily readable. You can Google search different quotes and post these on your Instagram.
Tag Your Location:
By tagging your location will help you to reach your target audience who are living in the same location. Often some people are interested in seeing your location. So if you tag location in your posts so peoples who live in the same location will definitely like your post and you will get more Instagram likes and more engagements. 
Ask Your Followers to Tag their Friends:
Ask your followers to tag their friend, this will let you expose to a large network of people. Tagging follower's friends will increase the exposure level and thus the number of likes will increase.
Boomerang is the midline between GIF and video. This is a short video that plays forward and backward several times hence grabbing the people's attention. Thus boomerang helps you in increasing the number of likes on Instagram. Make sure that boomerang should be interesting and attractive thus attracting the people to hit the like button.
Carousel is another new update on Instagram. Now the question is that what a carousel is. Carousel is a new way to share 10 photos and videos in a single post is called a carousel post. Now you can edit till 10 photos or videos in a single carousel. So tag your friends while uploading carousel and also ask the followers to tag their friends also. So the number of likes will automatically increase.
Comment on Popular Photos:
You can increase the number of likes on your account by commenting on popular photos and videos also. So, first of all, you have to explore the popular people in your industry. Search the popular posts and just leave a single comment. Your comment will then become media for the people who see your comment and ultimately reach to your profile. So they start following you and like your posts.
Final Words:
You can increase your likes on your posts in many ways. Your bio should be compelling. Use the right hashtags. Geotag your location. Post consistently. Posting at the right time at which the engagement rates are higher. So increase your likes and become popular on Instagram. If you have a business account, then increase in a number of likes will ultimately increase your business. So your products can be sold at higher rates.