How To Get Married On The Beach In 5 Easy Steps

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A beach wedding is one of the most recurring dreams of people who fantasize about the idea of getting married. Because the beach has a mystical component that, despite the advances in the world, never ceases to dazzle and surprise. The beach is unique; It is a place that falls in love with the couple and, at the same time, can offer a show like no other to all the guests.



However, this attraction can be truncated by a complex and, at least, special organization. Here, the 5 steps you need to know how to get married on the beach.

1. Get an Authorization

Before fiddling with the wonderful expectation of getting married on the beach, it is convenient to face reality: it is not easy. And it all starts with the laws, which are not clear with the legality of this procedure, since the General Directorate for the Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea makes no distinction between the beaches that can and cannot hold weddings.

There are many permits and licenses that can be requested in the town halls that host the beach in question, since these are the ones that regulate their use. When requesting permission, a series of specifications will be necessary such as the installation system of bathrooms or electric generators, the technical justification for their use, safety measures, location plans, locations or decibel level to be issued, etc. . The mentioned consistories are the places in charge of processing the requests according to the regulations of the coastal authority, which depends on the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment; however, some procedures must be carried out in higher stays such as the Government Delegation or Sub delegation.

As solutions, many couples do not officially marry on the beaches, but organize an informal wedding after legally joining in marriage at the City Hall. And, in the case of couples who prefer religious rites, elected priests should ask for a special authorization, something that is not always possible. In any case, it is best to get the help of a master of ceremonies, since it is complicated for a representative of the Administration to attend a wedding on the beach.

Another option that is considered is the hiring of a space that contains a private beach , which is common in many areas of the Caribbean, for example. In Spain it also happens and in that case there would be no problem. Finally, some celebratory spaces near the beach have the possibility of organizing weddings facing the sea, although within its premises and not on the front line. The result is also endearing.

2. Face the Organization

A beach wedding brings a sense of tranquility, relaxation and "bohemian roll" that creates an evening of the most relaxed. But it's not like that! At a beach wedding, taking into account everything explained above, everything must be taken care of to the millimeter. For this, we recommend the hiring of a wedding planner that perfectly understands the magnitude of this challenge. With his experience in beach weddings, it sure helps you cope with it in the best way possible, with advice that only experts know.

3. Establish a Type of Decoration

Beach weddings bring special decoration, which is also subject to the freedom of the bohemian beach concept. And, within the possible themes, the maritime atmosphere based on light colors stands out, with white as the main tone, as well as decorative elements that refer to life on the coast and its fishing activity.

Also, vintage furniture spread over sand, fruits, candles, steamy fabrics, umbrellas, awnings, mats, bamboo or wood carpets and plants are decorative elements perfectly associated with the beach.

On the other hand, it is very common that a wedding on the coast includes motifs that evoke an exotic culture. The sea invites discovery, travel, navigation to new cultures and worlds. In this sense, the Mediterranean, Oriental, African and South American references are a sure bet in decorative matters.

4. Choose a More Special Dress

Almost all beach weddings inspire a different philosophy from the one that is breathed in the city. The wedding ceremony Myrtle Beach SC has always been thought of, where the rectitude of the urban routine is truncated in favor of relaxation and informality.

5. Solve the Question of the Banquet

Taking into account all the legal factors that we have dissected in the first point, the possibility of organizing the banquet in this space will be subject to the rules of each regulation, beach and town hall. But, in general terms, we recommend that the traditional banquet be brought in and bet on cocktail and buffet treats. In them, the dishes should be much lighter and fresher, in order to agree with the environment and to gain in comfort. It highlights fish, rice, seafood, grilled products, exotic cuisine, juices and cocktails. In addition, these types of treats are more hygienic for nature and simple for the organization, a key issue as it is less common ground for this type of celebration.