How to Find Halal Catering in Orange County

  • 8 months   ago
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The halal business is booming around the world. Ever since the formation of Islam, observant Muslims have been practicing halal, a specific set of dietary guidelines. But as Muslim populations expand in Europe and the Americas, halal-certified products can be found in ever more grocery stores and restaurants.

This halal renaissance extends to Orange County, California, which boasts the second-largest Muslim population in the United States. For many years, Orange County’s only halal restaurants were Middle Eastern or Indo-Pakistani, but in recent years, many other local cuisines have flourished with the help of institutions like the OC Halal Food Fest.

If you need halal catering in Orange County, there are many places to look for good options.

What is halal?

“Halal” is the Arabic word for “permissible.” In the Quran, it is often contrasted with the word “haram,” or forbidden. All aspects of life can be halal or haram, such as clothing, recreation, and even cosmetic products. But the most common usage of halal is in reference to dietary guidelines. Just as kosher guidelines determine what observant Jews can eat, halal guidelines do the same for Muslims.

Halal-certified foods or products must follow these guidelines, among others:

· No intoxicants such as alcohol are present in the food, or used for food preparation.

· Animal meat must not contain blood.

· Pork is prohibited.

· Any animal killed for food must be dedicated to God.

Some foods are halal by definition, including:

· Vegetarian dishes or plant-based foods

· Fish

· Animals whose meat is prepared in accordance with the above guidelines

Various organizations certify food as halal. Even some fast food chains that operate in majority Muslim areas have introduced halal options to their menu, such as McDonald’s halal chicken nuggets and Popeye’s halal chicken sandwiches.

 Halal Catering in Orange County and Los Angeles

Due to the exciting growth of halal food in OC and LA, great halal catering can be found in a variety of places. Try the following tips for success:


· Find a halal restaurant close to your event, taking delivery time into account.

· Check the restaurant’s online reviews on Yelp and Google. See how long the restaurant has been around, and if it’s been providing consistent, quality service.

· Check the restaurant’s catering menu, which is usually different than its walk-in menu. Make sure it has the options you need for your guests’ dietary guidelines. For example, does it have vegetarian options?

· Some restaurants offer halal and non-halal options, so make sure you’re choosing the halal selection.

· Finally, visit the restaurant and make sure that it’s halal-certified. Restaurants often display their certifications on the walls or signs. You can also ask an employee.

With just a little bit of exploring and vetting, you can find high quality halal catering in Orange County for your event. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, or a professional function, the addition of OC halal catering should make it a great success.