How to edit videos on youtube

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Youtube is such an influential platform we not only learn a lot but we have also got an opportunity to share our thoughts and visions about various aspects and situations. 

Unlike other applications youtube is specifically designed for one to one communication, although it is a virtual one but unlike audio communication you can see the speaker acting and spreading his thoughts. Keeping in mind the sole communicator at this platform we must not skip the intricate details, such as knowing how to compress a video. 

you can not edit video on youtube if it is not compressed well, through a very reliable video convertor, before you get into it make sure that you have used the right video compressor such as Uniconvertor. 

you might not think about them while making a video or some of us would call some person claiming to be in expert in graphic designing to help us out with the video editing issues. In this article you will get to know some general steps in editing a youtube video before you upload it for public to see or if you are having it for some other purposes.

What you can do through youtube is a wide topic, people earn through it, some colleges arrange online lectures for learners and scholars. 

Video editing is very important after the production, you may need to cut and crop the video. Moreover technically speaking you may get stuck in making your video compatible for various video containers and codecs if you know how to compress a video.

Video editing on youtube can be done by various applications, but the most top rated one is youtube video editor. Editing a video at a higher level will not be possible in a shoestring budget. you need to collect some money for making it compatible for the market. 

> Sign in to youtube studio

Youtube studio is a sort of application to manage your youtube channels, it is designed to make your work easy and fast. Moreover it will keep you effective and efficient in your work. 

It is monitored and control by the youtube itself. Just as you create an interface while using various applications same goes for the youtube studio. 

Next, after you have found it. go to the extreme right and check for the ‘videos’. While you create the profile make sure that you have provided the details about the videos you will be making, so that your channel’s description must match with the edited and uploaded videos. 

> Upload videos 

Now you will be aske dot upload your video, here you must enter the thumbnail of the recorded video. After you have uploaded it now check for the editor option and be ready to trim. 

> Trim it 

this option is specially for cutting the end and beginning o the videos. You only need to drag the blue and white lines at the end and start of your video and cut the edges of your videos, the highlighted part is what you are opting to secure while the dark part will be discarded. 

After this just press the save button and your video is trimmed form the edges. 

> Split it 

If you want to edit and cut your video from the between, then you must select the option split, which will come after the trim option. 

You will see a white and blue line, now your video will be in two parts, the highlighted part will be secured while the darker part will be discarded. 

> Lay out 

Have you ever noticed that when a youtube video ends there comes a written note exclaiming some emotion, asking for feedback or for subscribing the channel. 

You can add this to the start of your video or to end. I prefer it at the last part, because it will not give your viewer an air of commercialization, it gives them a friendly vibe. 

Lastly, there are some templates which are very classy and make your video look professional. You can choose any of them and make sure that the templates suits your videos narrative. Otherwise it will look very non appealing. You will have to make it very attractive if it’s a commercial video.