How to Develop Healthy Habits

  • 9 months   ago
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We all want to live a long, healthy and happy life. However, that requires developing many healthy habits and making a lot of sacrifices. Usually, those include eating better and healthier food, exercising more, sleeping longer, drinking more water, reducing stress, and trying to quit smoking and drinking. These habits are familiar to us all. And we all know how stopping even one of them is hard, almost impossible. But, research shows that there are many ways to develop healthy habits and get rid of those bad for our health. So, if you are interested in how to prevent at least those common problems like stroke, heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, cancer, diabetes and of course obesity using the power of healthy habits, keep on reading.


Know What Are Your Current Habits

If you have decided that it is time to make some changes that you have to start from scratch. So, sit down and think about your current habits. What do you do the first thing when you get up? Do you instantly drink coffee and smoke a cigarette? What do you do before going to bed? Do have a couple of drinks and stare at the TV while eating too much? If you are, that means that you have a lot of bad habits stopping you from living your life. So, the first step towards developing healthy habits is to be aware of what you are doing wrong. Remember that habits are just repetitive behavior and that those patterns can be disrupted. And if you keep disrupting them by introducing new, healthy habits, many things in your life will change. If you need some advice, you can talk to a physician or even a personal trainer to help you out and give you some advice.


Create a Plan

The next step towards developing healthy habits is to create a plan. Do not make anything big. The chances are that it is going to be too difficult to achieve it. Instead, make a plan that will include small changes. Use baby steps. For example, if you can not motivate yourself to workout, run or even walk, consider hiring a personal trainer. They are the best motivators. And, believe it or not, but you can actually save money when hiring a trainer as he or she will make you stop eating junk food, eating out, drinking and smoking. And we all know how those things can cost a fortune. Then, for example, if you eat too much when watching a TV, like all of us, consider eating your meal in a separate room. And, if you can not open your eyes in the morning without two cups of coffee, try replacing one cup with a glass of lemon juice.


Follow That Plan

In the beginning, it is going to be really hard staying on track and following the plan you made. Getting rid of old habits is never easy. What proved helpful is actually keeping a record. You can use a journal or some app on your smartphone or computer. And, every day, you should write your progress, that is, write down what have you done in order to stop your bad habits. You can also write about your diet, exercises you did that day, about your sleep and so on. Keeping track can be a great motivator. And, yes, there will be days when you will start to feel tired and you would want to abort the plan. When days like those occur, do everything in your power to stay on track. The more you practice your self-control, the better you will become.


Think About Your Life In 10 Years


Another thing you should do is think about what will your life look like in five, ten and even twenty years from now. Will you look good? Will you be healthy? And will you be happy? Well, if you stick to your old habits and do not follow the plan, the answer to all of these questions is NO! Things can only be a lot worse than they are now. So, the next time you stop by the junk food store, or smoke a cigarette or skip your aerobics class, just think about how awful you will look in the future, and from what disease you will suffer. If this method does not work, try imagining your future self looking all good and healthy and enjoying life. You can achieve that version of yourself only if you start working on your healthy habits now and understand the importance of healthy eating and regular exercises.


Be Patient And Easy-Going

One thing is for sure, you can not change anything overnight. So, do not even try it. This is especially true if you are trying to change something big like habits. Changing habits means changing a big part of your life. Thus, do not be impatient, unless you want to burn out in a week or two. As previously mentioned, when try to introduce new habits and to get rid of the old ones, baby steps are the key! Start small, with just one small change. For example, if you are experiencing a lot of stress at work or at university, or even in your family life, instead of bursting out, try doing some simple breathing exercises or meditate. Moreover, even if you do break some rules, do not worry, just try to get back on your track and be patient.