How to Boost Your Laundromat Sales

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Laundromat Sales
Laundromat Sales

Laundromat marketing is about bringing more customers to your store. Advertising the latest and greatest news about your laundromat, and getting customers interested in what unique things you have to offer. These efforts become most successful when first-time visitors become regular customers. Make your laundromat the best on the block with a few helpful laundromat marketing tips. We know you want weekly customers, and we have the tools you need to succeed at this goal. 

Profit During Weekday Afternoons

A bright, clean store will draw in passers-by. And if they get great wash results with fast cycles, they're sure to return. When you offer services like wash & fold, delivery, and reliable laundry parts, you can extend the profit-making capabilities of your equipment past peak hours. During slow weekday afternoon hours, your staff can wash your wash & fold and commercial customers laundry — gaining your store extra profit!

Word of Mouth

Every customer who leaves your store happy is as valuable as a billboard on the side of I-405. Please your customers, and you'll soon be serving their friends, family, work colleagues, yoga classmates, Instagram followers. Use large, clear fonts and bold colors to make your sign easy for passing drivers to read and understand. And make sure your in-store signs advertise the best aspects of your store. Fastest wash in town? — Let your customers know. Open late on weekends? — Put up a sign.

Delivery Options

Laundry is a renewable resource. Your customers make more and more of it every day. By offering convenient laundry services, you can become part of their routine —removing the headache of laundry for your customers and gaining your regular store business. Want to set yourself apart from competing coin laundries in your area? A delivery service offers the ultimate convenience for your customers. They can already have groceries delivered to their home, so why not laundry too? Offering a wash & fold pickup and delivery service would provide the ultimate convenience for your busy customers, and generate a valuable additional income stream for your store.

Laundry Parts Supplier

Extend the utility of your laundry equipment past peak hours with the best laundry parts supplier. Almost every laundromat has peak hours — generally evenings and weekends. And as a laundromat owner, you want to make the most of these busy times. You'll equip your store with high-capacity, high-speed washers, and dryers to enable you to serve as many customers as possible during these hours. has a 24/7 online service as one of the best laundry parts suppliers. Learn more about here.