How fast coronavirus is spreading in the world

  • 4 weeks   ago
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The virus Covid-19 was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China, in late 2019. Then it spread its fangs across the world in the start of 2020, infecting 12 million people in early July. First major outbreaks were reported in Europe and North America in April, but as they began to control it, cases increased in Latin America and Asia. North America has seen a second wave of infections in recent weeks, mostly caused by new outbreaks in the US.
"In most of the world the virus is not under control; it's getting worse", World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned, on Thursday. The WHO says the pandemic has not yet reached its peak in Central and South America, as Brazil took the hardest hit until now, the death toll there, is more than 71,000. Also, Mexico’s pandemic death toll is now world's fifth largest, with over 34,000 deaths from almost 300,000 confirmed cases. Colombia announced it is extending nationwide lockdown by more than two weeks after the acceleration of reported cases and deaths in several cities.
In India now more than 850,000 confirmed cases are reported, it is the third highest number in the world, and India suffered the biggest spike on Saturday with over 27,000 cases reported in 24 hours. The current spike in cases comes despite of a more than two months nationwide lockdown, almost a dozen Indian states have now re-imposed partial lockdowns in an attempt to control the situation. South Africa and Egypt have the largest outbreaks so far in the whole continent of Africa, but since testing is low in some areas of the continent, so these figures may not be 100% accurate. Confirmed cases in South Africa got doubled within the span of the last two weeks.
Similarly, the situation in Us is not good, as record number of cases are being reported on daily basis, with horrifying figures over 60,000 in recent days. The number of deaths was decreasing, but it is increasing again over the last week. On Wednesday, the country's top health official for infectious diseases, Dr Anthony Fauci, called for some states to consider pausing the end to their lockdowns.
So, Coronavirus continues spreading across the world, and now there are more than 12.7 million confirmed cases in 188 countries, and more than 560,000 people have lost their lives to this pandemic.