Honeymoon Destinations In Europe That You Absolutely Have To Consider

  • 2 years   ago

Take it from us, honeymoons are meant to be thoroughly enjoyed, no matter how tiring the entire process of getting hitched has been for you. Not only is it the time for you to get to know your partner in the best possible way, but it also gives the two of you an opportunity to go out and about for the first time as a married couple. So it makes sense for you to pick out a destination that is perfect and exactly resonates the bond that the two of you share, and what better place than Europe to celebrate it? One of the many luxury destinations, Europe has to it that old world charm that never fails to call you from afar. So why not take a look at some of our favourite honeymoon destinations in Europe for you to check out!



Positano - Italy

Positano has a story behind its origin. According to a legend, the town was created by Neptune, the Roman sea God, out of his love for a nymph. This fact alone should give you enough reason to celebrate your honeymoon here.  But if you’re not entirely convinced, then we’ve got more for you. This coastal town has picture-perfect beaches that will instantly up your Instagram’s aesthetic appeal. You can also indulge yourself in fun activities in the Amalfi Coast, and can also book yourself an exotic vacation at one of the many five star hotels there.
Loire Valley - France
Located in Eastern France, Loire Valley extends a distance of 174 miles, and is abundant with wildlife sanctuaries and vineyards. This makes Loire Valley a perfect honeymoon option for those couples who enjoy nature and wine. If you want an additional dose of romance, then you can also opt for wine tastings, and can then take a tour of the beautiful chateaus that adorn the area.
Cinque Terre - Italy
There is a reason why Cinque Terre is a part of the fishing villages that form the UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Filled with Italian charm, this tiny nook is a perfect honeymoon destination for the couple who like to sit back and relax. The deep blue 
Hvar - Croatia
A paradise on Earth, Hvar is one of the most beautiful destinations that Europe has to offer to young honeymooners. An island in Croatia, you can also explore Hvar for its historical heritage. You and your spouse can have a great time exploring its beaches, pools, and the beautiful deep blue waters. Laze around under the sun with a couple of sangrias on the side, for celebrities like Beyonce and George Clooney have definitely done the same!
Santorini - Greece
Probably one of the best luxury honeymoon destinations in Europe, Santorini is not just a great honeymoon spot, but also a lovely destination if you’re thinking of proposing your spouse for marriage. Why, you ask? Well, it has such a picture perfect landscape that it attracts honeymooners all the year round. You and your spouse can spend your days climbing cliffs, strolling past the many whitewashed facades, swimming in the Aegean sea, and then wrapping the day with seafood that tastes absolutely divine.
Waters certainly please the eyes, but that’s not all that this pretty little village has to offer. You can take a hike in Cinque Terre’s cliffside trails and can take a lazy evening stroll between the village’s quaint pastel buildings. Cool odd in Ligurian Sea or just head over to Fegina Beach to take a dose of sunbathing.
Corfu - Greece


Could anything be possibly more romantic than a Shakespearean setting? The beautiful town of Corfu is said to have inspired the backdrop for ‘The Tempest’, and if you’d take a look at the scenic setting, you would understand why. The calm sea waves in accordance with a wildflower-strewn landscape are all you need to get you in the mood. In addition to this, the scent of citrus and olives wafting from abundant groves will definitely make for a relaxing honeymoon for you and your spouse.
So you see, you don’t really have to visit the time-worn destinations for your honeymoon. Skip conventionals like Paris and Venice and enjoy yourself as you wade through historic awnings and whitewashed avenues that Europe has to offer!