Here's What A Good Night Text Can Really Mean

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Text messages are quite a simple concept but when sent with the right motive to the right person can bring in wonders. Sending greeting texts, good luck or acknowledgment texts are a common curtsy that people convey to each other via texts nowadays. Earlier, hardly there was any chance from hearing back from a person any time soon after a meeting or occasion. The only options were telephone calls, letters or posts. But now you are not even deprived of receiving a ‘good night’ text from the special one out of the blues that enlightens your mood in no time! Good night messages are a popular delight that is literally considered as a healing and mood lifting medium by psychological experts.

Starting from millennials, Gen Z to even baby boomers, almost everyone admires good night greeting texts to reach out to their beloved ones. A goodnight text holds different mental energies, intentions, and meanings that highly vary from people to people. It can be best understood by the receiver and if you are still confused to take a look at the interesting discussion below that reveals plenty about a friendly  Good Night,’ cozy ’Sleep Tight,’ good night image in hindi or even a formal ‘shubh ratri.’

The power of a positive goodnight text

The sheer prominence a good night message holds is way beyond just text. You are down and exhausted after having a bad day at work. It is the kind of day that we all face at least once a year and simply cannot avoid it. You sit on the couch and want to lie there for the next seventy-years but suddenly receive the text that instantly lightens up your mood. Almost anyone craves for affection, care, and love and if you get in the right time just when you need it, you might be sorted for the day. A simple goodnight text has the power to generate positivity and optimism in the darkest of times and make you feel much more secure. A recent survey states that couples who foster the great habit of wishing each other good night before sleep are much more secured and share a higher level of comfort in a relationship.

They want you to keep away from nightmares

Now nightmares don't have to be literal nightmares. At night when you are trying to go off to sleep, the subconscious mind takes its most uncooked form and ponders about unnecessary and negative things. Irrespective of how strong minded you are, feeling insecure or longing for warmth and care is normal. So, a goodnight text acts as both side guard that helps the sender sleep in ease and vice versa. It has been proven in many studies that a simple text message can help you sleep better in more ease. But then again excessive sharing of text messages during the night gluing your eyes to the screen can just result in adverse results.

They remind you that they are there for you

The second adorable reason can be that they just want to know that they are there for you or maybe thinking of you. To connect in a distinct level or to take the relationship you share one stage higher, the person might begin it with a simple goodnight message. This is a time when people are mostly off the hustles and bustles of the daily routine and possess a fresh mood. This is the best time to share a text message because it will instantly let you know what the tiny text really treasure. So, if you are receiving from a person you know very well, you are the best person to know what exactly the intention behind it is. Some of the more possible reasons shall be discussed further.

They want you to feel secure

Many people prefer texting rather than calling. It varies as per the mindset of individuals and their preferred way of communication. But one of the most significant reasons is that they felt much more convenient and secured by sending and even receiving a text message. You might want to have a certain type of communication with the special person but that might not have to be over the phone. Just a ping in your phone that lets you know that everything is okay and you can crash for tonight is enough. There does not have to be any7 hard and fast motive behind a goodnight message but just a gesture of waving and calling it a night taking advantage of technology.



They communicate unconditionally irrespective of any purpose

When someone sends you a goodnight message and the only additive in it is an emoticon know that that is unconditional. There always doesn't have to be a strong motive behind sending a sleep tight message unless there are any personal reasons entailed. Sometimes when your husband is at a business tour and he wants to provide you the affection and closure that he can't come from such instance, he leaves you an adorable goodnight message and that explains it right there.

Also, some people are really not good at expressing or showing their affection and care for you. They thus take help of subtle gestures and a goodnight text might be one of them. A good night message seems exciting when it comes from your beloved partner. The same text seems so sincere when they come from your parents or coworkers while they seem absolutely adorable when your little sister or brother. It is often said that the night is the time when the mind only thinks of aspects that is important the most. So when you receive a good night text from someone you cherish being with know that it is not just an expression of adoration but also priority.

Texts are much handy and are being embraced by today’s generation more than ever before. There are many sites on the web where you can find a great collection of good night texts, quotes, picture-quotes to reach out to your precious ones.

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