Her Highness Sheikha Moza is a Qatari Queen of hearts

  • 1 year ago

Since 2012, EAA and UNHCR have been working with different accomplices and backers to give access to quality essential education to the absolute most minimized kids far and wide. 

As of now, Malaysia has around 167,000 exiles. EAA and its accomplices have bolstered more than 9,400 displaced person kids from more than 17 nations to go to class. However, in excess of 6,000 displaced person offspring of elementary school age are still out of school. 


SheikhaMoza Nasser attending a lesson with children from the indigenous Xikrin community in Brazil's Amazonian region. Photo: Maher Attar.

Moza attending a lesson with children from the indigenous Xikrin community in Brazil’s Amazonian region. Photo: Maher Attar.

Moza, a mother of 7, adds the plight of refugees is a continuous issue that needs to be addressed.

"Our global establishments have neglected to address the underlying driver of the issue – wars, human rights infringement, and oppressions. We have to share obligation regarding these evacuees – any place they are – in light of the fact that we have fizzled them through our global foundations and worldwide frameworks. Until we fix this framework we need to share the duty," says Moza. 

Moza is no more stranger  to humanitarian work. In the range of 20 years, she has been a main thrust behind education and social changes in Qatar. She fills in as the executive of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and Sidra Medicine, an exploration emergency clinic that is conceived to turn into a main organization for ladies and kids' claim to fame care. 

In 2008, she established Silatech to address the developing rate of youth joblessness in Arab nations. Today, the association has effectively associated more than one million Arab young people to employments and monetary chances. 

Through EAA, Moza has ventured to the far corners of the planet to connect with inside dislodged networks. She has met youngsters in war-torn Gaza, visited exile camps crosswise over Africa and helped bolster Bangladesh's skimming schools. 

SheikhaMoza Nasser on a visit to the Syrian refugee camp in Gaziantep, Turkey. Photo: AR Al-Baker.

Sheikha Moza Nasser on a visit to the Syrian refugee camp in Gaziantep, Turkey. Photo: AR Al-Baker.

Regardless she recollects a remark from a kid, which left a profound effect in her heart. 

"One kid demonstrated to me a portion of his 'magic' cards. He let me know whether he could change something in this world, he needs individuals to be kinder. It implies that these kids are traumatised and they have lost trust in us as people. This youthful kid considers benevolence to be something impossible today, as magic." She makes it a point to bring along her kids on these  trips

"One of my children was with me when I visited Bangladesh and saw the underestimated kids in the boat schools. He was also with me in Kenya. This introduction gave him a thought of how other individuals are living. 

“I tried to teach my children  and demonstrate to them the truth on the ground. Seeing them today, I can reveal to you that they learned," says Moza, who was delegated a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals advocate in 2016. 

She urges people to step forward and lend a assistance to oppressed communities. "Through EAA, we have helped a large number of kids. On the off chance that everybody cooperates, we can do marvels to make the world a superior spot to live in."