Healthy Living is Happy Living!

  • 11 months   ago
Healthy Living is Happy Living!

What is an ideal state of being healthy and maintaining personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene is not merely keeping yourself clean or sanitizing hands when in contact with any public place. The surrounding plays an vital role in affecting an individuals health and mental well-being. Imagine of a situation where you are busting out of urgency to use a loo but have no other option than using a common toilet. This can be a chaotic situation, the fact that the same toilet has been used several times by a number of individuals. This situation is more over faced by women in various places, restaurants, public transport, offices and so on. It has also been researched that women fall prey to infections and serious conditions due to the use of common and unhygienic restrooms. This is a serious concern and has raised questions on the well-being of an individual. Carrying out an lifestyle that is not just fashionable but also hygienic is more than a trend these days, therefore many initiatives from various organizations to leverage the potential market of health & hygiene have been introduced.


An initiative to make the washroom experience better and hygienic has been introduced by a Indian start-up, Pee Safe. This organization focuses on the crucial and un-denying factors faced by women and caters to a series of women centric problems. One such solution offered by Pee Safe is their Toilet seat sanitizer. The spray on sanitizer helps fight germs and bacteria and kills up to 99.9% of these infection causing germs in less then 10 secs. It has a easy to use spray on nozzle that allows a user to spray the solution on the seat which absorbs and disinfects the seat within 10 secs.

Pee safe has already conquered the Indian market with its interesting concept and placement of the products. The brand makes its debut in various other countries including Nepal and GCC region. The wide acceptance of the brand and its products has created a buzz in the online shopping segment. The major plus of this product is that it disinfects the toilet seat and reduces the risk of UTI which is the most common infection caused due to the use of unhygienic washrooms. Pee Safe not only saves you from the germs but also deodorizes the bathroom. You just have to spray the toilet seat and the area that you want to sanitize. 

Pee Safe is now available in Qatar, in three compact & portable variants (50 ml, 70 ml and 150ml). Get your Pee Safe pack now from QT Souq.