Grey and White in the Bedroom Design

  • 4 months   ago

The treachery of gray is in its simplicity. In order to “tame” the achromatic color, you need to be well aware of all its shades. However, neutral gray in combination with white is a color scheme, which everyone in any bedroom can implement.


The universal gray color is indicated in the color palette as neutral gray Pantone. It is considered neutral (not cold and not warm), so it is suitable for rooms of any area and any degree of illumination.


White is the perfect backdrop for any space, especially bedrooms, where peace is important. White in any of its shades increases the space, “pushes” the walls, and smooths irregular shapes of rooms.


What shade of white to choose for the bedroom depends on whether the room has a sunny side. If it is a sunny side are suitable cold shades, if not - warm (ivory, milk, etc.).

If the room is small 


If the area of ​​the room is small, has a non-standard shape (for example, it is too narrow) or light does not enter well(a small window), then it is better to take white for the base color - walls, ceiling. White will make the space spacious and airy, and gray in the upholstery of furniture, curtains, and other textiles against this background will be a bright accent.


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When the main emphasis in the room is white, it is important not to deprive the space of relief. In this case, a combination of different textures and materials will help. For example, wall decoration with stucco or partially brick, and the floor with a wooden board.

If the room is medium in size or large 

If the room is large and well lit with light, then neutral gray can be used as a base, and diluted with white decor and furniture.

Gray and white bedroom: white walls and gray floor

White is a flexible color, it adapts to any interior, therefore it is good for walls. And gray is suitable for the floor. It is not as dark as black, so it does not visually reduce the space and is not as bright as a light floor, so it will hide chips from an accidentally dropped cup.

White decorative stucco

Decorative stucco gives room austerity, therefore it requires a partner in the form of textiles: thick curtains, large rugs, velvet pillows, fluffy carpet, etc. Such a finish can be embossed, repeating the natural texture of the stone (for loft interiors) or smooth (for scandinavian, minimalism, and high-tech styles).

White decorative brick

Like the stucco brick in the bedroom interior, this element is rough but flexible. If you attach a gray velvet plaid and a fluffy carpet to it, the interior will turn out soft. Remove the textiles - a brutal loft will remain.

IMPORTANT: Decorative brick makes the walls more voluminous and makes the space heavier, therefore it is better not to use it for small rooms.

Accessories in a gray-white bedroom

Shiny accessories in a gray-white bedroom for a modern interior

A gold volumed chandelier or a mirror in a silver frame gives the gray-white bedroom the high-end look of classic interiors. There is no trace of the asceticism of the Scandinavian style.


Plants in a gray-white bedroom for any decor


Plants is another lifeboat along with beige decor that will help transform a dull gray. And if you do not need to save anything, then the flowers will simply refresh the interior of the bedroom. Plants will suit any style of interior.


Black and white photo for a gray and white bedroom in the style of minimalism


Budget decor for all time - black and white photos. Black, white, and gray are achromatic colors, so it will combine under any conditions. In addition, this is a great option when there is no time to invent. You can read here more about the correct usage of this decor trick.


Bright decor in a gray-white bedroom


White and gray are colors loyal to others, but many bright spots will too stand out against this background. One accent (paintings, red armchair, Moroccan carpet) is enough.

Lighting in a gray-white bedroom


Gray color absorbs light rays, so the issue of lighting in the room is important. An option of good lighting for a gray-white bedroom in a modern interior is spotlights around the room, in the form of light spots on the wall. Classic interiors require long chandeliers, sconces or floor lamps, etc.

IMPORTANT: If the room is narrow, then many lights on the same line will make the room narrower.