Great Tips For A Boat Trip

  • 2 years   ago

If money buys happiness, spending money on travel experiences and memories to remember forever is the surest path to it. Vacations by boat can fill us with unprecedented experiences and memories without necessarily breaking the piggy bank.

We have gathered eight tips to organize a budget boat trip, reducing costs and investing in unforgettable moments.

Plan your vacation smart

1) Better sooner

The best way to save money is to close your vacation as early as possible. Try to keep up-to-date and take advantage of early booking offers while you can get cheap on air. If you make bookings online, subscribe to newsletters and follow the booking providers' social networks to get your bids in time.

2) Spring and autumn are just as good

Fewer people, summer and incomparably lower rates. Since the climate allows favorable cruising conditions from mid-April to October, why not organize your holidays in May or September? Besides, with high temperatures and mild weather, September is the new August!

3) No crew

In order to take a boat break, it is necessary at least for the occupants to hold a skipper sailing diploma. If someone in the company has a skipper license, the costs are reduced even further as you save the daily fee for his pay.

Reduce your food costs

4) Cook on the boat

All rental boats for sailing holidays have a fully equipped kitchen and are ideal for your daily meals. Before you start your trip, organize your shopping at the supermarket. Along the way, you can refresh your supplies whenever needed at local marinas. You can also throw it in fishing, and enjoy the freshest fish you've ever eaten!

5) Have a drink in the sea breeze

Start your night out with refreshing cocktails on the deck of the boat under the summer sky. Buy the goods from the nearby cellar and enjoy the sunset from the deck.

Take advantage of what every place offers you

6) Indulge in local rhythms

Ask the residents of the area for traditional festivities and events. Be sure to find very cheap ways to spend well while you get a taste of the place, literally and metaphorically. Meet the locals and let them indulge you in the magic of every region.

7) Choose cheap and interesting destinations

Leave Mykonos and Santorini and explore less popular tourist destinations that hide most natural beauties. Prefer beaches and islets accessible only by boat or scenic seaside villages, quiet and friendly for your needs as well as for your wallet.



8) Prefer traditional souvenirs

Choose traditional souvenir products and gifts from your holidays. Make your shopping in open-air markets with local products and handicrafts and seal the memories of these holidays with the aura of your destinations.

Some of these tips give you more experience, others for better experiences. However, all of them are undoubtedly worth any amount of money you are willing to spend. Do not miss the exclusive offers that run and plan a memorable sailing holiday in the Mediterranean in July or September. You can alternatively book a ticket for Jakarta and then book a yaugt to go for a trip all around the great islands. You can stay at one of the Bali beach resorts and head to other islands too. You can discover all the beauty of the Indonesian archipelago and feel like a real explorer. You will be astonished by the beauty of nature and the wildlife too. And what can we say about the real Indonesian food? It is really worth visiting this place for these reasons and many more. Just be sure that it is going to change your life and the way you used to think before. Just dare to do it.