Grammarly Now Also Supports Quora

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Grammarly Now Also Supports Quora
Grammarly Now Also Supports Quora

When you write a lot, whether it is for your education or for your profession, it is not unusual to make some mistakes. You can end up with quite a few typos or even straight up grammar errors. To improve your grammar and spelling corrections while writing, Grammarly is a great choice. It is a widely used grammar used by a lot of users and for online grammar checker, it is definitely the best.

Millions of users depend on Grammarly ever day to type out their documents, messages or social media posts, so that they can have an error free and impactful writing to showcase. Recently, Grammarly has launched the beta version for Google Docs, which can be used to correct error in your Google Docs file and now you can use Grammarly on Quora as well.

If you are using the free version or Premium version or a Grammarly Premium Free Trial, you can use the tool for answering questions on Quora as well.

How to use Grammarly on Quora?

Well, using Grammarly for Quora can be a tricky thing. Grammarly supports HTML text inputs like the ones used by Google Docs, Gmail and other similar software, Quora on the other hand uses its own rich-text editor, which is unsupported by Grammarly.

 But you can still use Grammarly for Quora in two different ways. Grammarly has a browser extension that works for some of the major web browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The browser extension of Grammarly can be used in conjunction with Quora. Grabbing the right extension, you can make Grammarly work for Quora. Now, by using the Grammarly web extension, you can edit the grammatical mistakes and typos in Quora for free.

If you use Quora from your mobile device, then it is very easy for you to use Grammarly for Quora. Grammarly has recently launched a keyboard for Android devices that helps the Android users to write error free with correct spelling, punctuations and grammar.

The keyboard allows users to write error-free texts in their applications and that too with ease. The keyboard offers lots of check features and a seamless integration so that you can write your text in sophisticated, grammatically correct sentences.

Whether it is an email you are typing out or an urgent message or an essential social media post, you can write anything from your phone with a lot of confidence.

The Grammarly keyboard integrates easily with all applications without any trouble. So, if you are planning to use it for Quora, you can download the Quora app on your phone and the Grammarly keyboard will automatically integrate with the application and you can start writing your answers with clear and correct sentences.

It is easy to set up and you can now answer Quora questions without any mistakes or typos.

Final Words

Here you have it, the ways you can use Grammarly on Quora. Start using Grammarly for Quora and write the best error free answers without any typos and correct punstuations.