FinexArena Review – Is FinexArena a Recommended Broker?

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If you are into trading or planning on going into it, your immediate concern would be the safety of your hard-earned money; you want to be sure that the brokerage firm you are using is secure and trustworthy. The choice of a profitable yet reliable platform becomes difficult. It is hard to differentiate between the scams and the real ones because everyone presents themselves as a viable and trusted option.

This is why investors and traders have to be extra cautious in choosing who they trade with to avoid being swindled out of their money. With some of the best results over a period of time, FinexArena is becoming one of the options of choice in the eyes of both traders and investors.

FinexArena has been one of the leaders in the world of the Fintech revolution as far back as 2009 when it started as a Venture capital fund manager even before it opened to the public in 2012. 

It has evolved into one of the leading trading platforms that have its focus on cryptocurrency and forex brokerage. With its vast array of innovative investment tools and trading signals, FinexArena is considered a leader in cryptocurrency exchange and trading circles. 

FinexArena is one of the most innovative online forex brokers out there with an advanced system of retail trading to a globally connected audience. The focus for them is not just the big-time seasoned traders and investors but also the average new guy who is looking to cut his teeth in the foreign exchange world.  

One of the most potent convictions of FinexArena is to create a formidable trading foundation by offering state-of-the-art tools that guarantee successful trading and lowers the risks as much as possible. With FinexArena, trading crypto is not gambling because you have access to full-spectrum visualization tools and impeccable services that makes trading a smooth experience even for the newbies.

They understand that the world of cryptocurrency trading is one of the most volatile and liquid markets out there, and they are set up to make sure you are adequately equipped for domination in that world. 

FinexArena offers one of the most flexible trading conditions that you would likely not be able to find somewhere else; this provides the unique flexibility needed by a trader to the advantage of the market at certain critical periods of trade. 

Before you go wondering, FinexArena is licensed to provide its brokerage and trading platform and services by some of the leading regulatory bodies in cryptocurrency trading.

The success and solidity of FinexArena are founded on the fact that the firm was formed by experts from different fields, thereby creating a robust system covered on all fronts. Their resources, expertise, professionalism, and experience make them almost superior to the other brokers.

A credible track record of flexibility and integrity has made FinexArena to be accepted and adopted almost globally. Despite the testing period of the young life of cryptocurrency around the world, FinexArena maintains a clean record of solid trust among investors and traders worldwide.  

Exceptional Features of FinexArena

Multiple Trading Platforms

One of the most outstanding features of FinexArena is that it offers its traders and investors access to multiple trading platforms. You can opt yo use the web trading or mobile app trading platforms. Also, you can decide to access your account using various approved browsers and devices. This enables you to access your account on the go without the limitation of space and time.

Traders using the FinexArena platform can trade from home, office, or even when on the bus. This is flexibility without the risk of loss of account or the funds in it. Also, multiple trading platforms means you don't miss out on trading activities at critical points because you can be online to receive your trading signals and access your sessions at critical times when the market is on full throttle.

It gets better; FinexArena has another option where you get to trade on MetaTrader4, which also has its very own web and mobile versions. Whatever your preferences and need for flexibility, FinexArena got you covered. 

Several Methods of Payments

One of the main problems of earlier trading platforms is the limitation of payment gateways and methods. FinexArena has solved this problem because you can use several payment platforms and systems to make deposits and to receive your withdrawals. These methods include the use of credit cards, debit cards, and even something as simple as a bank transfer. 

Traders and investors can also create a fund account and receive payments through their Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal options for Blockchain transactions. There are over 20 methods of making and receiving payments that are still being processed and awaiting approval.

As a trader, FinexArena wants to always prove that your funds are safe and that you can fund your accounts and make a withdrawal without unnecessary delay. 

Wide-Ranging Security Structure

One of the most exceptional scam-infested activities of the 21st century is the online trading sector. This is because there is a risk of exposing your financial information that can be used to scam and swindle you of your hard-earned money. It is voted one of the most vulnerable activities that happen online due to hackers' resilience and phishing scriptwriters and users. 

However, FinexArena is proven that it is not only up to the task of protecting your funds but also safeguard your personal and financial information from hackers within and outside the trading company. The security encryption of the trading accounts is state-of-the-art, and it keeps getting better to stay ahead of the increasingly sophisticated market of internet security. 

Also, funds are kept in separate accounts in the custody of some of the most sophisticated investment banks; this makes it inaccessible to any particular individual. No unauthorized payment or information access can be granted without raising red flags. 

Excellent and Reliable Customer Service

When it comes to business, customer service is one of the yardsticks to measure the extent to which real service is provided, and FinexArena knows this. The customer care service at FinexArena is top-notch with a 24-hour service provision built on genuine care for its traders and investors' trading experience. 

They are there to answer all your questions patiently, advise on trading decisions, and offer technical assistance when needed. They are accessible through social media channels, emails, phone calls, live chats, and text messages.

The customer care representatives are not only friendly and professional, but they are also capable and reassuring. They are trained, motivated, and supervised to provide credible support and solutions to traders' problems. They are usually warm, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable about the platform and how it works.

The power of the customer care service at FinexArena is in the details that their representatives have at their fingertips and their willingness to provide this service with enthusiasm. 

Affiliate Program

While the initial motive for creating the affiliate program was to create awareness for the platform, it has turned into another source of income for traders, investors, and affiliates. The FinexArena affiliate program offers a 10% commission for every deposit made by direct referrals and an additional 3% of the deposits made by indirect referrals. This makes the referral system of FinexArena one of the most lucrative in the crypto trading world.

Affiliates have been paid thousands of dollars monthly for just telling people to sign up and trade with this platform. If you are looking for additional passive income apart from trading and investing on FinexArena, this is the real deal right here.

Trading In Several Markets

The beauty of trading online is that you have that vast array of markets to choose from at every point in time. With FinexArena, you have the option of trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, real fiat through Forex, and even commodities such as gold and diamonds.

The FinexArena platform brings in extensive financial market systems to your virtual doorsteps; you never run out of options for what is moving in the markets.  

With these market options also comes the information you need to take advantage of such networks and build a knowledge base. This empowers you to make informed trading decisions in a matter of minutes, even if you are new to that particular market.

Accessibility of Educational Materials

The only reason people get into trading is to be able to make profits. What makes successful trading loving the thrill of taking such risks and sheer luck; a real trader must have the knowledge and the skills needed.

The best way to throw away your money is to start trading with limited knowledge and turn around to blame the platform for the loss of your funds. Under-education is one of the leading causes of unsuccessful trades in the forex and cryptocurrency exchange markets.

To make sure FinexArena can boast of providing superb services, there is a whole section of the platform dedicated to educating new and existing traders about the best tools, tips, and tricks to get the best out of their trading.

Dedication to making sure a large percentage of traders on this platform can smile at the end of their trading sessions is the driving force of FinexArena. Not only are the materials there for traders on different accounts, but you also have constant reminders to check for updates and trading signals needed to make informed trading decisions.

While each trader still needs to be responsible for their trading activities, FinexArena has provided all the materials to support successful trading by providing in-depth resources that can cater for all levels of traders.

Lastly, the trading market is an evolving field of science and crafts; dedication to continuous learning is what will make a successful trader continue to succeed. The cure for disastrous trading experiences is to commit to using the resources provided.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the drawbacks of online trading is the complexity of the platforms for trading. A glance at the dashboard of a regular platform is enough to send shivers down the spine of the bravest newbie. Not only are the indicators strange, but the different parts of the screen also make the entire trading process look more like rocket-science.

This is a massive turnoff as traders need to overcome the platform's steep learning curve in addition to the complexities of trading. However, FinexArena has provided a user-friendly interface on their web-based, and app trading ends. What they have is not only easy to navigate for beginners, it is also efficient for skilled traders who migrated from other platforms. 

The load time and instant trading views are spot-on! Navigating through the interface is natural and can be mastered after just a few clicks. 

Registration, which is usually the most complex of the entire process, is straightforward in FinexArena. You get to sign up and choose your account type with no hassles, and after a couple of steps, you are good to go.

Contract for Difference (CFD)

The FinexArena trading platform uses software known as Contract for Difference (CFD) Trading Platform. With the help of this software, Forex and cryptocurrency trading is not only safe and efficient, but it is also rewarding and fun. 

With CFD, traders and investors are able to access a unique feature that enables the use of other currencies such as the Singapore and Hong Kong dollars, Turkish Lira, South African Rand, and CFDs. The fantastic part of this is that most of these currencies are used for trading the trading of platinum, silver, gold, indices, traditional stocks, and even beverages such as wheat, coffee, cocoa, and corn.

FinexArena Accounts

With FinexArena, not only do you have choices when it comes to the kind of account you want to open and operate, traders and investors have the information that is needed as a guide. Traders are free to choose their accounts based on their experience, expertise, and level of risk they are willing to take.

The basic and silver accounts are better for new traders and those who are not yet confident enough to swim with the sharks. Also, they are quite ideal for starters because they require lower sums as minimum deposits. However, there is also provision for those with the means and who consider themselves ready for the bigger games.

FinexArena being a comprehensive and complete trading solution provides various types of accounts that are not common to other brokers. They include:

• Basic account. 

The basic account is meant for novices who are just cutting their teeth in the world of trading. It is usually for those looking for their first few trades to test the waters and see how ready they are to start real work. 

The minimum deposit for this account is £500, which makes it a fit for real beginners. 

The support for this account is custom-made for beginners as you have access to junior account managers for two weeks and access to daily market reviews to make the best trading options working with trading trends and forecasts. You also have access to trading alerts, advanced charts, and trading sessions twice a month.

Due to the need for a new trader, the customer support for this account is for the full day apart from weekends. Also, you get a 30% loyalty bonus and a 10% leverage bonus and partial access to materials that can help you study and master trading and investing. 

• Silver account. 

This is mainly designed for traders with a bit of experience and who are looking to scale up in the trading arena. With a minimum deposit of £2,500, you can enjoy some additional perks. It provides all the resources and support of the basic account and more to give a richer experience. It offers 20% leverage and trading sessions twice a week instead of twice in a monthly cycle of the basic account.

• Gold account. 

When you have some real experience under your belt and you are ready to take your place as a seasoned trader, this account is for you! The requirement for this account is a minimum deposit of £10,000. It offers 30% leverage and access to some choice webinars, exclusive information updates, and unlimited access to all training and educational materials. 

Traders with this account have access to both junior and senior managers who work hand-in-hand with them to ensure successful trading. Also, holders of this account can receive trading signals twice in just one day to keep track of near-perfect trade decisions. They are able to access three trading sessions in one week. 

• Platinum account. 

This is one for those who have become a real expert when it comes to trading. It is important to note that the experience, tools, and features for this account can only be appreciated by those who have enough experience and expertise in trading. To have this account, your minimum investment is £50,000 and with a loyalty bonus of 40%.

Using the account, the trader can have unlimited trading sessions and up to three trade signals per day to reduce risks while improving individual trade control.




• Diamond account. 

This here is the real deal. Some of the best traders manage this account in the cryptocurrency and Forex arena who, through training and experience, are ready for the big game of professional trading. The minimum deposit for the account is £250,000. This account gets a loyalty bonus of up to 50% and another 50% on the leverage with unlimited activity.

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