FIFA World Cup 2022 Costs & Budget Overview

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FIFA world cup 2022 is to be held in Qatar and the preparations for the event are on their peak as the time is approaching. Overall, people are now interested in knowing how the preparations are going and how much money will be spending on the project. Also, reading about the massive engineering works and other preparations have raised the level of curiosity and sparked an online discussion about the event. As the project is of massive importance, it is a guarantee that there will be a high level of services required for the work and this can be only done with the help of the participation of the public and other facilities.  



While speaking at this year’s St. Petersburg international economic forum, the general secretary of the supreme committee for delivery & legacy, Mr. Hassan Al Thawadi issued a statement about the event. In his official statement, he said that they have set an official estimate of the project of 5.2 billion euros for the football pitches and other facilities regarding the football field. Apart from the football field, they also need to ensure that the infrastructure of the country has to be up to the mark just to make sure that they host all the guests properly. To further make those infrastructural changes, they have also set the masonry estimate accordingly. 

He further added by saying that their aim is not just the tournament but also making the event memorable. Furthermore, they are working for the development of the country and they are also investing especially in this area. They are also taking advantage of the project and building employment opportunities with the help of new and better engineering projects. A recent addition is the metro project that has been inaugurated recently. 

After the announcement that the world cup was to be held in Qatar, two main football stadiums were inaugurated. The first football field was inaugurated in May 2017 by the name of Khalifa international stadium whereas, recently another football stadium was inaugurated on 16th May by the name of Al Janoub in Al-Wakrah. 

According to the budgeting and estimate of the project, the prize money is set to be 440 million dollars whereas all the operational expenses of the events are to be set at 300 million dollars. For the TV operations, they have fixed the budget of 249 million dollars, whereas the club benefit programmer is to have 209 million dollars on its name. Apart from this, team service will require 120 million, workforce management will require 79 million dollars whereas, the safety and security will require 75 million dollars. In addition to all this, marketing rights delivery is set to have a budget of 61 million dollars, ICT to have 68 million whereas other FIFA world cup items will require 55 million dollars. As per some sources, the total budgeted cost for the whole event is estimated to be $220 billion.

There is no way to deny the fact that with the help of world cup and the undergoing construction-related activities, Qatar is mainly promoting economic growth in the country. Mr. Thawady further added that they are in contact with Russia to gain more knowledge about their event that was held in Russia previously, and Qataris looking forward to take full advantage of their experience.