Essential Tips on How to Choose Your Translation Agency in the MENA Region

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There is certainly no doubt that selecting a reliable and professional translation agency is a difficult task. Finding an agency that is not just an expert in translation services but can also meet the requirements with efficiency. The translation work is not compromised and the meaning of the context is handled with care and intelligence.



It is crucial for a business to choose the right agency, especially when the nature of your business is sensitive and requires accuracy. The reputation of your brand and the business solely depends on the genuine translation of your message and just a minor mistake can change the meaning of the context, resulting in severe damage to your brand image and identity.

There are a few tips and tricks that will guide you on picking the right translation agency for your business and brand, assisting you with your communication material such as brochures, presentations, newsletters and company website. 

Evaluate What You Require

When you are talking about promotional written materials then it is essential to look for a translation agency that can accurately convey the benefits of the products your brand holds. On the same hand, the translation agency will be needing complete information on the technicality of the information to be translated, such as an operational manual. Before binding yourself with a translation agency, it is recommended to check their translation samples and weigh whether they are capable of translating the message of your brand in an appropriate way or not.

Understand the Agency Better

It is crucial to inquire that either the translation agency works on the traditional translating methodologies or is using a computerized software for the assistance in the process. The CAT (computer-assisted translation) techniques depend upon the memory and terminology glossary management system. It is better to choose an agency that prefers human linguists for translation work. The human translation tends to be more precise, paying special attention to the message of the brand, instead of simply translating it like a machine.

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Eminence of the Work

The superiority of the translating work an agency is delivering solely depends on their interpretation of the term ‘quality work’. What they believe is high-quality and reliable translation work and at what extent they can ensure the quality without any compromise. It is important to verify that either the translation agency has any quality control department who verifies the translation with the original content or they lack in this.

Fields Specialized

It is perfectly fine to expect that your selected translation agency in the Middle East have vertical expertise transversely a wide range of industries. A company that is a jack of all trades but the master in none is never going to help you in accomplishing your brand goals. When it comes to the translation of legal law documents or medical papers even financial work, getting to a specialized translation agency is crucial as in these sectors a single mistake will not just change the meaning of the context but can also be fatal, especially in the medical field.

Speed and Delivery

It is vital to inquire regarding the turnaround times and either the agency has the tendency to work outside the standard working hours or not. When an agency has translators operating in different time zones, they tend to deliver exceptional quality work and of course on time.

Confidentiality of the Work

It is important to inquire with the translation agency in the Middle East that either they can ensure confidentiality of the documents or not. The agency ought to offer confidentiality agreements signed with their translators and linguistic experts. It is recommended to ensure that either the translating agency employees have signed HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), as well as nondisclosure agreements, are made.

Customer Service

Always pay attention to the questions the translation agency asks when you as a company inquires for quotation, through this, you can judge their consistency and predict how they will serve you. It is also vital to understand how the support system will reply when you ask for revisions and edits.

Understandably, there are many translation companies, but through these tips and tricks, you can easily evaluate whether the translation agency is worth trying or not. Be confident and be strategic while selecting a translation agency in the Arab region.