Enjoy the Rest of Summer by Taking a Break from Social Media

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We are very much prone to social media now a days and ultimately checking on people what they really are into and used to compare our lives with that of theirs. The problem starts when summer is there and you used to stalk people if they are spending their vacations very well, soaking in sun and you are left behind in air-conditioned reality. Most of the people just post their good times on social media and others used to end up feeling that they are enjoying a lot and get unsatisfied from their own life.

To check on our friends and other family members lead people usually to great FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) even we are having fun in our own life. It’s the best example to sense that how social media us making feel that we are left isolated in this entire world and can have adverse effects on our mental health.

Even though you are enjoying your summers at great, still you are focusing on posting the pictures on social media for proving that you are doing great and having fun at this moment. Therefore, either you are enjoying by yourself or watching others, it’s easy to catch by some metal disorders. Read this article to prepare yourself mentally while people posting their pictures of having great summer vacations and enjoying it to their fullest. Don’t fall a pretty to it.

Social media is reflecting the vent that actually happened and that moment and might be there isn’t any reality to show the exciting life which doesn’t exist in reality. Reality is more shambolic and complex as you are familiar with this proverb that life is not a bed of roses and yes it’s true. You need to understand this phrase fully to live your own life and to enjoy your moment in which you are. Therefore, you end up posting the posts which the viewers want to see and you want them to see.

You have no idea that people who posted an envious photo when they are actually crying for their ex or anxious about starting school. The thing is that is that you have no idea what actually is happening behind the digital face so must not jump to conclusions and damage the pleasure of your own life. It’s odd to see a person leading a content life on Instagrambut actually chilling on sofa watching Netflix. Like Seriously?


At the same time According to https://www.ketogenicsupplementsreview.com, notice a thing that social media just shows the good not bad or ugly. By looking at the best of your followers, you feel that is well, might be actually it’s isn’t the case. Most importantly in Summers, people used to add the stories of wonderful places enjoying with their families. They are not going to post the pictures of the harsh arguments between them, depression and exhaustion,insect bites and screaming of children.

Therefore, in comparison if you look at yourself, you might feel inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence and self-esteem and that can make you feel disheartened and indignant. Thu, keep in mind that what others are posting on social media wall, is actually not a proof that they are happy or having a good life. It’s something you need to decide to come of the box of social media and try not to use your phone if want to stay happy and contented from your life because social media is a filtered, edited and curated form of reality. Also don’t let FOMO spoil your repute and your health by thinking that you are of no worth if you are nit outside having fun and enjoyment and that enjoyment must be on social media. Please avoid these things and think out of the box to see the ultimate reality.