Ecomhunt Review

  • 6 months   ago
Ecomhunt Review

Are you planning to start an online business? Well, for it to succeed, there are important things you must do. These include identifying a profitable commodity to sell and attracting the target customers to your site. 
However, you must find the product before you can even think about driving in traffic, which isn’t an easy task. Now, this is where Ecomhunt comes in handy. You haven’t heard of it? Here’s Ecomhunt's review.
What is Ecomhunt?
Ecomhunt is a legitimate way of helping you identify suitable products that are highly converting every day. Ecomhunt does the entire hard job for you and identifies hot products selling highly online. It also shows you all the important details about that product (s), including everything that your competitors are working on. 
Additionally, by helping you find all the winning commodities to sell, Ecomhunt also helps you save both time and money. 
Ecomhunt Features
Ecomhunt provides you with some valuable information for each product passing through the system, including:
Facebook Ads: Ecomhunt spy on the FB Ads that individuals are running for a particular product. 
Links: Ecomhunt links connects you to all other entire online store selling the commodity.
Saturation inspector: This feature helps you know the number of stores selling the commodity.
Facebook Ad targeting: Ecomhunt shows you all the data needed to set up Facebook Ad campaigns properly.
Engagement: Shows the data for the number of likes, shares, comments and general reactions on FB
Analytics: Show you the product source (normally AliExpress), the number of reviews as well as overall rating. 
Cost & Profit: Shows you the product cost as well as the prevailing selling price.
Influencers: A list of Instagram account holders with a large audience in your potential niche.
Facebook AdHunter
Using this tool, you can spy on Facebook Ads of your competitors and modify your Ads better to sell optimally.
Hot Products
The members have an opportunity to know which products are best-selling before everyone else does.
Facebook Ads Insights
Ecomhunt users get crucial FB data about the commodities highly selling on a daily basis. With these insights, you can know what age or gender to target, country to go for, etc. That means that the entire hard task is done for you. 
Niche Products
Ecomhunt isn’t only for popular and competitive products. It also informs its members about winning products in various niches. The users can surf through a variety of categories to identify the best niche for their business.  
Limited free-membership: This membership doesn’t offer you on-demand data. Although it gives essential information about how the website works, it’d be better it gave more.
Limited products: Ecomhunt should increase the number of daily products they offer.
Memberships and Pricing
Ecomhunt offers Free and Pro membership options. With free membership, you still have access to enough data to identify a hot and winning commodity to sell.
The Paid/ Pro membership charges $29 per month. With this subscription, you’ll enjoy all the important features. The features include Facebook targeting info, Face Ads currently running. You'll also get links to all stores selling the item. You’ll also access all the premium tutorials and webinars. The Pro membership is ideal for people with little experience when it comes to running FB Ads.   
If you want to start an online business and you’re struggling to identify a suitable item to sell, use Ecomhunt. It's one of the best ways to solve your problem. Also, thanks to the free membership, you can join for free and enjoy access to important. The data will speed up the process of identifying suitable products to sell.
What’s more, the Pro subscription gives you more comprehensive data as well as crucial FB Ads training for newbies. Generally, Ecomhunt offers good service to help entrepreneurs find winning products with the rate of conversion.