Do's and Don'ts of riding the Doha Metro!

  • 1 year ago
Do's and Don'ts of riding the Doha Metro!

Doha Metro opened to the public on May 8, 2019. People are very happy because this is very comfort for them to travel, perticularly people those who work in West Bay. Doha Metro is one of the fastest driverless trains in the world and it offers a VIP section as well as family &general sections.

When people using the Doha Metro have to follow certain rules and regulations. Those who ignore these rules may face penalties.

CCTV cameras kept in each and every station for passngers' comfort and safety and to monitor platforms, trains, trams and other parts of the metro.


Here are the Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind when you travel through Doha Metro


  1. Be obliging to other customers consistently, including when utilizing your cell phones 

  2. Put garbage in the Dust bins placed at all stations or take your own trash home to recycle.

  3. Buy a travel card for your travel before boarding the train or tra

  4. The Doha Metro has committed seats reserved for those with decreased mobility, including the old and those carrying little children. Please give up those seats if they are required.

  5. Carry baggage however make sure that it won't cause obstacle, burden or danger to any individual or harm to any property 

  6. In any case if you spotting a Lost & Found item, hand it to an Authorised Representative as soon as possible.

  7. If you became not well immediately inform an Authorized Representative, harm yourself in or around the systems, or have a complaint about any component of the system 

  8. Occupy the Family Section in case you're a lady travelling solo, or somebody who's going with any child beneath the age of 9 

  9. Be watchful. If you see anything suspicious, kindly inform any member with respect to the Doha Metro staff as quickly as possible.


  1. Eat on the trains or trams as the Doha Metro needs to maintain a strategic distance from solid odours and spills 

  2. Chew gum 

  3. Drink. Yet, those ones in sealable holders are permitted 

  4. Smoke on stations,  trains or trams. This incorporates the utilization of vapes or e-cigarettes 

  5. Bring animals on the trains or trams except for help creatures 

  6. Travel in Gold Club without a Gold Club Travel Pass 

  7. Forge, mess with, or modify your Travel Pass in any case, or use or endeavor to utilize any of it which has been forged, messed with, or modified in any case

  8. Don't try to Resell or attempt to resell any Travel Pass

  9. Don't Purchase or attempt to purchase a partly-used Travel Pass

  10. Use any obscene, threatening or  hostile language, or be wild, indecent, threatening or disorderly or cause disturbance or offense to other people 

  11. Place feet on seats or furniture gave in the premises or vehicles. This incorporates resting on the metro seats. 

  12. Display, exhibit or distribute any printed, written, or pictorial matter for the purpose of advertising or publicity

  13. Use vocal or physical violence against Authorized Representatives

  14. Sing, dance, perform or play a musical instrument or device of any kind so as to cause nuisance to others

  15. Film or take photos on the network for commercial gain without earlier consent from Qatar Rail

  16. alcoholic beverage  are not allowed, or be intoxicated on, the network

  17. Obstruct the opening or closing of automatic doors of a vehicle or premises

  18. Don't Spit on any part of the network

  19. Improperly use the escalators, travelators or lifts

  20. When travelling with luggage Use the escalators

  21. Give false fire, rescue vehicle, bomb or other emergency alarm

  22. Except for wheelchairs and folded bikes, Bring any sort of bicycle, motorcycle, mobility scooter, hover-board or motorised transport onto the networks 

  23. Park your vehicle   without approving a Travel Pass or paying to park


If you disobeys the rules imposed by the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram is liable to pay a fine, you may be banned from using the Doha Metro, or worst—may be removed from any vehicle or premises or be detained by an Authorised Representative or the Police.