Designrr, a Powerful but Simple Tool

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Designrr, a Powerful but Simple Tool

So, you want to make your brand more relevant? You want to engage more buyers, get more leads, and keep the ones you already have interested? 

For a lot of companies, that is always the goal. The question is how do you do it? How do you stand out? 

The answer is that it's all about content. Relevant content that can answer your buyer's problems but created in a way that will not bore them.

High-quality content gets three times more leads than paid advertisements. While 47% of buyers view at least 3 to 5 pieces of content first before contacting a sales representative. 

Now for a lot of marketers and business owners, content is the usual articles, blog posts, or, the now in-demand, videos. But there is one form of content that is usually ignored by them, the ebook. 


The ebook is a powerful tool that can not only give information but also capture the attention of your buyers. In fact, 63% of buyers are willing to share their information in exchange for an ebook and that is a difficult statistic to ignore. 

But for a lot of content creators, making an ebook is difficult. There are so many details to consider and not enough time and resources to do so. In comes Designrr, a software application developed by PageOneTraffic. 

Designrr started in April 2016 with the mission to help small businesses create and promote content using the least amount of effort that would still guarantee great results. 

It started when the team was creating an ebook when they realized how difficult it was. So, instead of sticking with the way things were, the team decided to create Designrr. 

Designrr is an online tool that allows content creators to create an ebook from either new content or content they already posted before.

Is it complicated? No, these are the only steps you need: 

- Go to your Designrr account

- Import the content you want to reuse or you can start from scratch 

- Choose a template 

- Edit your file

- Then publish

Once it's published, you can find it on your computer, whenever you need it. 

Designrr allows you the most freedom with the least effort. You can edit your file in any way you want. If you want to change the picture, the color, and the text you can. And then save it in just one click. 

Not only that but in Designrr, you also have an image editor and a library full of images you can use in your ebooks. Designrr can even generate a table of contents for you. 

You can also save your drafts inside your account if you're still not finished yet. It won't get lost so you don't have to worry. There's no pressure with Designrr. 

All of this is one account. So, no more confusion, no more wasted time and energy. 

So, if you are a marketer or a business owner that wants to improve their online presence, make an ebook. With Designrr, it's easy.