Designer Watches Are About Style

  • 8 months   ago

Designer watches are not so easily carried away by the buzz design sense and new fashion ideas of a certain moment—designer watches, whether Patek Philippe or Panerai watches, are designed for durability. Your designs have long recognized new design ideas. They are meant to be classics and a permanent fixture in the world of high-end fashion, and for decades, more than a century for some, they have. Style is not the same thing as simply being trendy or hip. Style is about wearing something that looks good on Tuesday and Thursday, no matter what happens on Tuesday. Audrey Hepburn might go in and out of being trendy, but she will always have style.



Style is what a luxury watch is all about. A good luxury watches, at least. When you hold a truly deserving designer watch like an A Lange and Sohne watch, you can feel the amount of craft and time that went into it. This is not a garment meant to be worn out for a few months before someone says it has fallen out of fashion. A designer watch is meant to be worn until you can't wear it anymore. A luxury watch is the kind of thing that top-class men and women often literally take to the grave. This should not be seen as a pathological feeling. Instead, it should remind you of the amount of care and craft, so many of these watches are built and subsequently worn with. You don't keep a business up and running from the mid-1800s without putting in some quality work in the process.


So many of these brands have bred loyalty into families and a connection with those that wear them. For some families, those Hublot watches are deeply meaningful and important. For others, they cannot get through an eighteenth birthday without a teary-eyed unwrapping of an Audemars Piguet watch. It is this sort of sentiment that keeps these companies thriving. These sentiments affect the companies, of course too. As a result of that loyalty, these companies continue to focus on making beautiful watches with the sort of focused sense of craft that has defined them forever. They do it because the world demands of them, and they are regularly rewarded for their focus on sharp designs and well-crafted mechanisms. Designer watches aren't about trends or fashion; they are about the style, which is about so much more than either of those things.