Controlling Your Smart Kid’s Smartphone Was Not That Easy Before

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The post-millennial generation gets hands on smartphones, tablets and digital technologies at a very early age. Parents of kids of generation Z are responsible to make decisions regarding the selection of software and hardware and applications. The unwise selection and unmonitored use of these technologies can expose kids to several risks. For example, the unsupervised use of smartphones can cause teens and tweens to experience cyber bullying, online child predation, scamming and sexting. There are apps that enable parents to monitor and manage the smartphones of their children. You can monitor how your kids use their phones and what activities they perform. Also, you can control their mobile phones to keep them from excessive mobile phone use and wrongdoings.

App to Track & Control Kid’s Smartphone

The technologists have developed app to monitor and control the smartphones of children. While there are many reliable names in this regard, TheOneSpy is must to mention. It is a cell phone monitoring app that enables parents to keep track of every single cell phone activity of their kids. Once you install the monitoring app on the android smartphone of your children, you can get access to the mobile data and send command to let it perform certain actions. For example, you can read your kids’ chats by getting access to the online backup of messages. Also, you can control apps installed on the phone and can take over camera and microphone of kid’s monitored smartphone.

Control Camera of Kid’s Smartphone

TheOneSpy android tracking app lets you control camera of your kid’s mobile phone. Without taking your kid’s mobile phone into possession, you can send command to their phone to take photos and make videos using front and back camera. The online control panel of the spy app lets you send commands to the monitored phone. Sign into the online control panel through your mobile phone and computer and send command to the targeted phone to turn on cameras. 
By controlling camera of your kid’s smartphone, you can see what is happening in the surroundings. The photos and videos made with remote commands get uploaded to the online panel from where you can retrieve them anytime. It lets you detect if your kid is engaged in any wrongdoing or being targeted by bullies or predators. It also helps protect your children from the potential threats of the adult world.  
Control Microphone of Kid’s Smartphone
As well as cameras, you can also take control of microphone of your kid’s smartphone. By sending a remote command, you can turn on microphone and listen to the surrounding sounds. The high-tech smartphone monitoring app lets you listen to the surrounding sounds and record voices for as long as you want. You can send multiple commands to prolong the voice recording duration.   
Control Apps Installed on Kid’s Smartphone
The cell phone monitoring app offers parental controls to enable parents to restrict their kids from using age-inappropriate dating, gaming and social media apps. The online portal of the spy app shows apps installed on your kid’s smartphone. You can block, unblock or uninstall unwanted apps. 
Lock/Unlock Kid’s Smartphone
Moreover, the spy app lets you control smartphone of your kid by locking or unlocking it via online control panel. It allows limiting the screen time of kids and preventing them from smartphone use before bedtime or at certain time of the day. Also, it helps protect sensitive information stored on your kid’s phone in case of loss or theft. You can secure photos, videos and other sensitive data by remotely locking the smartphone.
The Bottom Line
The risks associated with unmonitored and unmanaged smartphone use of children cannot be denied. However, parents can take the support of mobile phone monitoring and controlling app to supervise their kids’ digital behavior and prevent them from wrongdoings. Moreover, the app lets you protect your children from online and offline dangers by offering wide range of spying features. You can know more about the cell phone parental control and monitoring app here.