Coaching Business during times of Pandemic in Qatar

  • 7 months   ago
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It is a difficult time for any person in the current situation. The world is going through a global pandemic by the name of COVID’19. Its severity still cannot be properly determined which makes it hard for normal life to work its way through.

People are suffering emotionally, financially, and socially as well. In a country like Qatar, where life is mostly of a high standard, it has become quite problematic for people to keep up with the current changes in their lives. Like any other capable nation on the planet, Qatar has also sped up its efforts to help its people to fight and get through this critical situation.

There is a considerable drop in terms of productivity in the business market. Many individuals are finding it difficult to make their time useful and worthwhile as they are not used to being constrained in one single place. However, time is still an asset and can be utilized to its best if people are willing to do so. 




Current Developments

Most of the corporate world in Qatar has taken a turn towards online work. The results have not been up to the mark but the flow is still there. Now is the time for the people to take a supportive step and to look after each other.

There is a dire need for good and capable life coaches. Individuals with such a profession play a huge part in nurturing a person’s life to help them reach their goals. In Qatar, there is a special call for such characters that can support people and help them through their sufferings in these hard times.

Due to an increase in the graveness of the situation, there has been a significant increase in terms of the rise of life coaching businesses in the region. It is common to find numerous coaching academies are offering ICF Certification programs to help people get through the pandemic.

Programs such as these are being conducted remotely through Skype and other similar video conferencing software. In this way, people are getting motivated. They are also becoming confident about the fact that normalcy is not that far away.

Benefits of Coaching Businesses

By bringing in motivational figures, experienced personnel from different industries, and other highly skilled individuals in one place can have a lot of perks. Here are some of the benefits that could help in the current situation:

• Increase in Entrepreneurship opportunities

The change in business dynamics has brought a different perspective of how work is going to progress from the situation in hand. Coaching businesses, in particular, have opened the doors for entrepreneurs to come forward and take advantage of the present situation. People from all industrial sectors have supported the step terming it as an innovative path that will lead to development.

• Creativity and emerging talent 

Before the pandemic, Qatar had been taking forward steps to ensure that its fashion industry stays on a rising path. With platforms like ICF Certification, there has been a boost in terms of ideas for progression as people are exploring and collaborating with each other.

Such online coaching sessions are bound to bring in ideas with creativity and productivity in the methodology of business. For instance, people with more skills will help others keep busy and will also inspire them to get through stressful times.

• Survival Assistance

With a cast full of professionals, coaching businesses would be vital in keeping the minds of people somewhere that is good for them. Apart from focusing on the crisis in the world, people could be interested in learning new skills, getting motivated to work, and being supportive of their peers. Furthermore, they could benefit a lot in terms of their mental health issues. A mentally strong and prepared mind is the key element in helping a person through the current scenario.

The response of the people of Qatar has been welcoming when it comes to Coaching Businesses. People need a distraction that could help them through stress and anxiety created because of this virus. They expect to learn new things through such businesses and get both mentally and physically strong to survive in this critical state of affairs.