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Are you sick and tired of making videos that on your end looks good, but may not have the conversion rates you desire? Have you surfed the web for video ad bots only to bump upon ones that promise heaven but deliver hell? Lastly, have you heard about Clipman and read honest reviews about it? If your answers to the above questions are all no's, you just met a fortune! Read the following Clipman Review to help you make a more informed decision of whether you can use it for your next market videos or not. I bet you will, as I've used it myself. Let's dive right in.

About Clipman; What It Is

Clipman refers to a gem automated cloud-based video ad creator. It uses a set of hard-to-find algorithms and templates, together with your product images and texts to create converting videos. The videos are based on ideas from the most successful e-commerce personalities. Clipman doesn't need much of your involvement in its video creation process. Read on for how to go about the procedure below.


How To Get Started And Make Videos

The first step to your new journey towards higher sales is free registration. After registration, you're provided by an opportunity to try the software free for a whole week. It's within this time that you should see if the videos win your trust.


To the process of making videos, here is a view of the basic steps involved;

Step 1; Paste your link to the box.

Step 2; Choose your preferred template according to the length of the video, where you want it (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blah blah blah), and more.

Step 3; Choose your music, color, logo, and title.

Step 4; Render the video.

STEP 5; Now publish the video to your Facebook page, Instagram, or any other social media supported by the system.


The Brain Behind The Scenes

If such a bot isn't made by an experienced and knowledgeable individual, you won't want to use it. Raul Kaevand has many years of experience in advertising, online marketing, design, and even more disciplines. He has made many successful bots like Vidgeos and Click Animate (hope you know these). His knowledge is undoubted, and you have all the reasons to trust this genius.


How Much Is It?

The first week of Clipman is free. Subsequently, the software will need $34 @ month to continue serving you. No other bot of the same nature can charge you this little.


What You Will Enjoy

√ HD ready templates that are very professional

√ The lowest of all costs

√ Uploading videos right from the platform directly to Facebook

√ Creating high-conversion videos on complete autopilot

√ Creating engaging videos in a few seconds, seamlessly

√ Customizing the videos according to your unique product or service

√ The customer care service that is always there for you

√ No skills are required


What You Won't Enjoy

× You can't upload your own videos for more editing

× The templates are customizable, but not so much


The Bottom Line.

Based on what you've read about Clipman, plus the fact that I've used it to increase my conversion rates from 8% to 17% and counting, you're in a position to make informed decisions. Remember that the platform can be used by the most juvenile marketer to create engaging videos in no time and that it costs just a handful of bucks. I like it myself.