Cheaper Clicks and More Profit from your Facebook Ads Campaign

  • 7 months   ago
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Are you finding it difficult getting results from your FB ads campaigns? If yes, Sam Bakker shares an easy way that can save a lot of dollars in advertising costs. According to him, you can be more accurate when targeting your audiences and boost your profit margin. 

Today, Bakker says, you can reveal the more lucrative targeting audiences FB has been covering up from you. Why? 

Problem: Competition for the Same Audiences

So many businesses are all competing for similar audiences. Any time you set up targeting on Facebook it just shows 20 to 30 results. These are the same outcomes everyone else detects.

The Traditional Way of Targeting 

The reason Facebook advertisers continue to compete for similar limited keyword phrases is that Facebook does not show them. Advertisers are spending a lot of money on clicks, realizing lower click-through rates on their adverts. They are wasting millions of dollars every day while they target the limited audiences that FB shows you.

Saving on Advertising Costs

When you poorly target interests, not many people click on your adverts. When Facebook realizes that your ads are attracting fewer people, it increases your clicks costs. This is because; Facebook assumes that your ads are not friendly to people’s user experience.

So, to avoid paying more, you have to correctly target your audience for your Ads to get lots of clicks. 

Facebook’s targeting system is greatly limited. Most of the tools in the market presently don’t give you the information you need. And this is the problem. 

Truly, Facebook covers up its most important data. This implies that there’s stiff competition for similar keywords which results in many poorly targeted adverts and costly clicks.

Get Access to Hidden Targeting Data on Facebook

Just like mentioned above, Facebook hides its most crucial targeting data. The data is only accessed by large advertisers that are already approved to use it. 

This data features very important information. Such info includes the topics Facebook users like, what information lots of people interact with, what websites people view, etc. 

Having access to this data would let you discover untapped Facebook audiences your competition doesn’t know even it exist.

Get rid of the guesswork and discover the correct audiences you need. You don’t need to split test or incur any cost.

If you have lost at FB ads, it’s highly probable that you chose one of Facebook’s options of public targeting. You don’t have to lose anymore. You ought to be in a position to uncover the audiences that’s INTERESTED in your products or services.

By so doing, it implies that your adverts immediately become more productive. Additionally, you’ll not pay highly for clicks.

Filter your audiences in minutes and navigate to discover your customers

Facebook is pretty particular when it comes to how they let businesses use their data. The majority of tools out there in the market utilize FB’s regular API. Although these tools can access extra Facebook data, the data won’t be enough to help you.

For this, came up with a tool that would allow them access to this data. They then underwent a lengthy process of approval with FB to get access to their hidden data. And, they are now making this FB approved tool available to the public. 

This means that ANYONE can have access to FB’s very best interests and behavioral data through its user-friendly dashboard.


AdSight Pro by helps you profit from FB’s very best data. This tool uses Facebook’s best-hidden data in uncovering hundreds of important audiences to target.

AdSightPro helps you perform a search for any keyword. You can also find lots of crucial keywords you can utilize in advertising to your target audience. With AdSightPro, you’re able to boost your Ads click-through rates and profit.

Profitable Facebook Adverts in FOUR Easy Steps:

1. DiscoverUse AdSightPro to have access to the very best interests and behavioral data on Facebook.

2. FilterYou’ll be able to filter your data and choose the ideal audiences you need to target.

3. ApplyCopy all the best keywords for your adverts and paste them into FB’s system, with a single click.

4. ProfitImmediately drive greater audiences to your adverts pay less for clicks and increase your profit margins with better data.

AdSightPro is compatible with Mac and PC 



Having access to the very best Facebook’s data will help you sidestep your competition and target new untapped audiences. You’ll immediately have access to a continuous flow of the freshest, powerful and accurate data available on Facebook.

Also, you’ll drastically cut down on the costs of split testing. Make more profits by getting data from AdSightPro and selling it to other businesses.

In a case study done by, every $1 they put in, they proudly got $12 out! On explaining how they did that, they show a campaign that earned them $1863 from a $149.17 Advert.

They first began the campaign by targeting on Facebook. And it miserably failed…

So, they then spent TWO minutes and pushed their keyword through the AdSightPro system. The system gave them interest and behaviors they ought to use… 

After precisely $149.17 their $69 online marketing commodity known as ‘Txt Video’ generated more than $1863 in sales. All these came from a simple Advert and AdSightPro targeting!

Hence, with AdSightPro, you’ll realize:

  • Lower Ad cost

  • Higher click-through rate

  • Massive ROI

Make profits by helping businesses with a Full Commercial Rights License: 

 Businesses are paying highly to target their audiences. You can help by sending them the correct audiences they ought to target and they will pay for the data. AdSightPro helps you get commercial rights. This implies that you can sell the data you get through AdSightPro. You can as well utilize it the moment you run Adverts for clients.

AdSightPro’s Intuitive Interface is User-friendly

After you log in, you will see that it’s easy to use this software. Access Facebook’s best data within a couple of clicks. Navigate through your data with a clean and spontaneous interface. You can read more here 


AdSightPro offers you a 30 days money-back guarantee to test it out. Courtesy of the ‘Founders’ special, lets you use this software at very low and friendly prices. However, you may add some more bucks in the future. has the following 2 packages on offer:

1. AdSightPro Personal

At only $24.95 per year, you’ll have access to:

  • Easy Point & Click Functionality

  • Behavioral Targeting

  • Interest Targeting

  • Fine Tune Keywords

  • Multi-Lingual Search

  • CSV File Export

 2. AdSightPro Commercial

This is the most popular package. Here, you’ll only pay $37.00 per year and you will then have access to:

  • Commercial Rights

  • Easy Point & Click Functionality

  • Interest Targeting

  • Behavioral Targeting

  • Multi-Lingual Search

  • Fine Tune Keywords

  • CSV File Export