Can coke and pepsi run their business without proper social media marketing

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We all know that social media marketing is critical for the success of any business. In modern era, almost all the companies and businesses are present over the internet. With a lot of people using social media platforms, they become a heart favorite for companies to go there and market their products as well as services. Businesses like Coke and Pepsi have existed long before the social media and even the internet but these platforms opened up new ways for these businesses to market themselves and present their products in front of people. Here, we will see what happens if coke and pepsi stop doing social media marketing.

There are certain things that may happen to these companies if they stop doing social media marketing. We would take a look at a couple of scenarios.


Possibility 1

As these companies stop their social media marketing, they would not appear in front of more and more followers. It means that with the passage of time, the number of people who are coming across these brands decrease. Ultimately, people will be less tempted to purchase the products from coke or pepsi. So, they would face a significant drop in the number of people who consume these drinks on regular basis.

On the other side, the fact that these two companies have built a great reputation and have been around for decades now give them the upper hand. So, there are strong chances that they would exist long after they have stopped the social media marketing. Despite losing some sales, they would still be up and running in the markets. And if they keep on appearing in front of people through other marketing means, they are still in for a pretty good business.

Possibility 2

The other thing that may happen if these companies stop marketing their products is that they may disappear from the market. How? Well, you stop appearing in front of people and it means that you empty the playground for your competitors to come. So, they would keep on experimenting with new strategies and gather the market and people around them. With increased sales and higher share in the market, the worth of pepsi and coke will drop dramatically.

Considering this, other companies will start dominating the market and coke and pepsi will start to lose their position and would slowly and steadily fade away. It may ultimately lead to these companies disappearing as they won’t have any fair share in the market which makes it hard for them to thrive.

Final words

The companies like Coke and Pepsi have made a strong impact in the market and are very popular across the globe. They must have to increase their Instagram followers. They have existed long before the social media and have all the chance to make it even after they have gone. But for any uprising or coming business, including such companies that are established in the market, if you neglect social media marketing, there are strong chances that others will start appearing in front of people and it will ultimately increase the interest of audience in those brands.


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