Build Your Tactical Outdoor Arsenal with BattlBox

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Build Your Tactical Outdoor Arsenal with BattlBox

If your day job involves being out in the world most of the time, or you love the outdoors with a passion, then you know a lot of things can wrong while you are out there.

I love backpacking through various challenging terrains, including, deserts, jungles, mountains, and canyons. The scenery and geological features that nature has created over thousands of years are phenomenal.


Getting to experience the beauty and adventures is often what you might need to get your mind and yourself from the daily grind. The outdoors, as many have discovered, can be a great stress buster. The endless horizon, azure blue skies, adventure, and ever-changing scenery can also be a great place to meditate or find inspiration.

You better be prepared

The mistakes most people make is not in wanting to enjoy nature, but walking into it unprepared. Given that the wild in all its purity will not have the amenities that you have grown accustomed to in civilization, such as a hospital, running water and tarmac roads.


You should walk into nature with the understanding that when things go wrong, they do so pretty fast. And can quickly turn to a fatal situation because you may be miles away from help with no cell coverage.

How to equip yourself for the great outdoors

Whether going for that picnic in the woods, backpacking with your mates through the forest or spending a couple of days trekking the desert and sleeping under the blanket of a starry sky, you cannot afford to be unprepared.

You are probably familiar with that little voice in your head while you are out with your mates enjoying the outdoors. It usually whispers in your mind and asks, "what could go wrong?". If you are a seasoned outdoorsman or woman, you will know the answer to that question is "a lot."


To avoid that nagging feeling of unpreparedness, you want to be reasonably equipped to deal with any situations that can arise in the terrain that you are out on. Preparedness could mean anything from having a solar-powered headlamp, lightweight first aid kit, serrated survival knife, weatherproof gear, or anti-venom from snake bites, to name a few.

BattlBox is your ultimate protection

BattlBox specializes in shipping survival gear every month right to your doorstep at a value that is more than you pay for. It has four tiers of monthly subscriptions. So you can always subscribe to the one that suits you best.


The basic plan sits at $29.99, while the advanced plan is $49.99. For professional who take their outdoor preparation really serious, you can get some amazingly valuable equipment on the Pro Plan for $99.99 or ProPlus plan for 149.99. All the prices are per month.

How does it work?

Whichever tier you may subscribe to, you will receive gear every month that fall under that category. You can be sure it is a better value than you would have paid for we're you to source individual gear at retailers, it would be far much expensive. Check out this BattlBox review to gain more insight into the mission goodies that you can expect to receive monthly. Here's a video that highlights how BattlBox works.


Enjoying the outdoors with a peace of mind is in knowing that you are prepared for any eventuality. BattlBox helps you do that, an equipment at a time. Before you know it, you have an arsenal of tactical gear that you can use to your advantage across numerous outdoor situations.