Build Faster in Fortnite Mobile!

  • 8 months   ago

Building is such an integral part of the Fortnite experience. However, touchscreen devices don't have the convenience of dedicated buttons to build with. That is, with the speed needed for the fast-paced action of the game. Here is how you can cut your building speed in the game. The best part is that you don't need any Fortnite items to do this!


A Step-by-Step Guide


First, open up the app. Go to its settings, and pick the HUD Layout tool. The screen will change to something like a blueprint mode. This is where you can change the button positions as well as add or remove them to ease gameplay.

Second, scroll up the screen. You'll see the buttons you can add above the 'play area'. Among those buttons are boxes with colored numbers on them. You'll want the ones with the blue 0, 1, and 2 on your screen.

Find and drag them to a comfortable position in the 'play area' so they activate during a game. When you play a round, these will turn into 'build wall', 'build floor', and 'build ramp' shortcuts. You don't have to go through the casual build menu. Just tap on them and build. While you're still on the settings, make sure the 'Turbo Building' setting is turned on. Hit 'Apply', and you're good to go!

After that, you'll need to practice using them. Make use of the practice mode to develop muscle memory and get used to the shortcuts. Build whatever you fancy. In time, everything will feel natural and instinctive.


Additional Tips

You might want to ramp up the game's touch sensitivity too. It'll make gameplay smoother and more responsive. If you use ADS (aiming down sights) or the sniper, keeping the relevant sensitivity a little lower would be good. Too high and it'll be twitchy and harder to aim accurately. In summary, keep normal camera sensitivity somewhat high, and ADS slightly lower than that.

In certain situations, building walls or defensive playing saves your bacon. With these shortcuts, making a fortress to hunker down into will be a breeze. It's especially useful when players are down to three, and the storm is closing in.

Use the right material for the right situations. Wooden structures are the fastest to finish building but are the weakest resource. Bricks and steel structures are more durable but slower to build and sources are rarer. Since elaborate structures are practically 'Shoot me!' signals to other players, building is best done when under attack already. It can buy a bit of time to prepare a trap or ambush. Otherwise, you could heal up what little you can.

It'll take time so don't be discouraged by how long it takes to adjust. This isn't a 100% fast track to Victory Royale. What's important is that you enjoy the game as you play.

So make use of those buttons and get building. Getting eliminated later and later is still progress, even if you haven't made Victory Royale. And if you're curious about it, PlayerAuctions' Fortnite Account Calculator can tell you how much your account is worth.

Have fun with Fortnite mobile!