Best Outdoor Foosball Table: Knowing Your Foosball Tables

  • 8 months   ago
Best Outdoor Foosball Table: Knowing Your Foosball Tables

Discovering the best foosball needs the heart to research on the best gaming tips ever. If you do this, you have a greater understanding of the game and better experience and more importantly a good time.

In this post, I intend to show you the types of foosball tables that you can go for. I also want to give you additional gaming tips that will be of relevance.

My intention is that by the time you finish reading this post you should have gained a better understanding of the game. Here are the best outdoor foosball tables and what you should know about them.

Types of Foosball Tables

When it comes to choosing the best foosball tables, the one thing that I have to say is this. You’ll find several types of tables for foosball, which you need to get a grip on if you have to get a better experience.
Therefore, it will be of advantage if you know every one of them in detail. Take a look at what we have. And if you want to know more about foosball tables then you can browse Foosball Table Guide.

Stand Alone

The stand-alone table for foosball is simply a full-sized foosball game table that you have to assemble before you can make use of it. The foosball table is often bulky and is made out of solid wood too.
A stand-alone foosball table has several dimensions to it. However, the most common dimensions are usually 5 feet in length with a width of 2.5 feet.

The Not-So-Good

However, the stand-alone foosball table has one major downside that most people may not fancy. The table takes so much space. So, for people who don’t have luxury of space, this may not be the right table.
More importantly, when the table is used on an uneven floor, you will have to incorporate table levelers so as to make it stable.


The next best outdoor foosball table design is the tabletop foosball table. This type of table is sometimes called the mini foosball table. They are very small in sizes and will take a very small space to use.
Due to this, such tables are also very ideal for people with small spaces. They are also ideal for beginners such as kids.
For individuals with hardly enough space to use, the tabletop foosball table will be the best substitute for the “stand-alone” model. Indeed, it’s still a good option for guys who also have the desire to play the game.

Where to Use It

The best tabletop table design can be used on almost every type of surface. You can set it up on the tough surfaces including the coffee tables, countertops, and worktops.
The models that are also designed for the countertops are flexible enough and will work best on when placed on your floor too.

The Not-So-Good

Tabletop foosball tables will limit any player of the extreme playing comfort. This is due to its small and rigid size. Nonetheless, they have the advantage of offering a low cost, sizeable, light and fast to set foosball table.

Multi Game Table

The multi-game table design gives games with more than one gaming taste the opportunity to enjoy different games on the same foosball table.
The multi-gaming table for foosball is, therefore, one of the best gaming options. It can come in a stand-alone design or even the tabletop table design.
One thing that you must know about the multi-gaming table is that you will find it to be pricier than these other models.
Nonetheless, the multiple gaming designs make this type of foosball table the best foosball table for the family.
Even so, the multi-gaming table for foosball is very distinctive and also good at saving space for gamers with limited areas.

Commercial Foosball Table

A commercial foosball table like the name suggests is for the enterprising individual or people who want to make a cut from foosball.
There commercial foosball table design will allow you to run public premises including eateries and clubs.
It is a design that one has to deposit a coin in first before they are able to play a game. In doing this, you get an opportunity to make your money.
The commercial foosball table, therefore, has an inbuilt coin collection feature that makes it easy to operate and pricey.

The Not-So-Good

The coin operated foosball table may be the best foosball table for making money. However, the table’s design is often bulky because it is designed from high-quality fabrics, materials, and designed.
This design is good though for public use since it will endure the demanding use and also manage the careless players. You can also, customize it for your specific needs.

Additional Tips: Factors to Consider When Buying

When buying your best foosball table, look at these few factors that you should keep in mind. They include:

  • Rods: Look for durable playing rods. The rods should also be high-end rods with the capacity to extend..
  • Comfort: Do not go for a table that eats up all the space. Instead, look for a table that will leave you with enough space to play.
  • Price: Do not spend what you do not have. Instead, get a budget and pay for a table that you can afford.
  • Warranty: Foosball tables can come with some manufacture defects. Having a warranty will help you to fix it without spending so much..
  • Adjustable: A fixed leg on your foosball table is a turn-off. So why not go for the adjustable legs for a comfort height?


Choosing the best foosball table is the first tip to enjoying a game of foosball. Even so, you need to understand a table that suits your needs. In buying the right type of table, the game will be much more enjoyable.
Thankfully, I have given you every type of foosball table that you can get in the current market. The choice to go with is now yours. Good luck and share this post with loved ones of awesome gaming time.